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    I have a question concerning License requirements in Fl are we required to have them or<br>what, I have called different Gov. offices about this and none seem to know. I see a<br>number of companies in the yellow pages saying they have them. Is this something<br>to bolster their company image or what ?<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: greenscape
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    Licensing in Fl depends on the services you offer.....check with your local county or city occupational license bureau....some require this, others don't<p>bill phagan<br>
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    I live in Florida for a lawn service all you have to have is an occupational licence I think I spent 60 dollars on licences. I had to buy one for the county I am in and scince I live in the city and that is where my business is based I had to one with the city too.

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