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    After six years of maintaining lawns, I'm venturing into fertilizing/herbicides. I'm currently studying the materials sent to me by the Cooperative Extension Office, but just wondering how detailed the testing is. I can recognize most weeds, but are we expected to know every scientific name? Also, what percentage of the test is about pesticides? Any insight will make me feel better!
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    I'm sure all states are different but pretty much the same because of EPA guidelines. Ohio is set up to manage the program for the EPA. Just study the materials. There are area's in there for conversions for how much to use per acre, per 1,000 square feet. Know your weeds, bugs when and how to treat. Know the plant growing cycles. Biennial, perennial, annual. Study diseases in turf. Just study the materials and the quizzes at the end and you should be fine. I know it is stressful but, once you pass it is a great feeling. I just got mine this spring. It will open up a lot of doors for you. Be sure to take a calculator with you. They may or may not let you use the one in your phone. Best of luck to you !!

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    Thanks Gebby. I guess my concern is that it's hard to focus on certain areas of the study materials knowing that I won't be using pesticides and so on.
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    Herbicides are pesticides. Maybe you meant to say insecticides and/or fungicides? The definition of "pesticide" should be in your study material.

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    Yes, that's what I meant.
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    There should be a core test first. You will have to take that first and pass before you can go on. That alone will cove many items and give you a general feeling of items that will be tested.

    In my first reply I failed to tell you, safety and PPE. Federal law, labels. The label is the law.

    After you pass the core you then can take other test to get your license for each catagory.

    Just take one step/test at a time to understand then it won't be so over whelming. There are multiple choice questions but, only one best answer. Its a pass/fail test. minimum number of correct answers to pass.

    The fun part begins once you pass. You will still have to continue to learn.

    In Ohio the core was 90 questions. Other categories were 50 questions each.
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    In NC, I was surprised at how many questions pertained to shrubbery and ornamentals. I was expecting only turf questions.

    Glad I took some courses at State before taking the exam.
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    The government (esp Federal but also state) is highly concerned with their mission of protecting the public (and also the politicians). You will see emphasis on pesticide safety, understanding and following the label, protecting the public, protecting children, personal protection equip, and protecting employees. Spill procedures are important. Protection of ground water and surface water.

    Think of the reasons for licensing and the various pesticide disasters that have happened in the past.

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    Thanks for the input, but no one has answered my question about weed identification. Do I need to know scientific names? What type of questions should I prepare for?
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    Yes you will be asked the given name for weeds. Use the names listed in your books. I can't tell you exactly what questions they will ask you.Take the mini test at the end of each chapter. If you can't answer at least 80 % of them, then go back and read it again. Better now to make a mistake than later on a property. Sorry man you got to study your materials. To be honest, I can't remember one specific question that they asked. They may ask you the same question 3 different ways. When you get out in the field you will be glad that you studied. You will also pull those books out to use more than you may think you will.

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