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  1. siyaltrduc

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    Do you need a ornamental herbacide license to hydroseed/hydromulch? Is this a very popular form of seeding? I hear that the results are generally good at a fraction of the cost of sod. Is there a market for this type of seeding?
  2. mdvaden

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    Where are you at?

    In Oregon, you would need a landscape contractors license.

    There is a market here.
  3. Mike33

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    It depends on your type of work and state regulations. Im in Md. and i hydro-seed. i carry a HMIC ( Md. home improvement commision ) It is recquired to have to do any type of work unless it is commercial or new construction home which is a easier and cheaper licence. It is not in the pest. or chemical side of licence like guys treating lawns. Basicly your just seeding a lawn in a different way. I hydro-seed for many reasons: faster more efficient, elimanated straw. As far as price i get 7 cents a sq '. I dont know what sod goes for because i dont do it. You can see my application on my web site.

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