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    I'm think of getting by FL license. After the 6hrs on line course. Can you also spray insecticides on the lawn?? Or just pre and post emergants and fert?? I was told that that's an additional license..??
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    This is a great topic for a Youtube video. It comes up so many times every year and the answer isn't straight forward for many of the OP's.
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    Has anyone here completed the Certificate of Pest Control Technology from the University of Florida?

    It is offered 100% online and meets the requirements of chapter 482 to qualify for the FDACs CPO exam by means of education.

    Anyone have any feedback?
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    I did. Great course. Extremely difficult and a lot of work. It is essentially an entomology degree minus the English and math. It will cost you several thousand dollars and a couple years of your life. I finished quicker but im a little ocd and like to get things done. These are college courses so be prepared to write college level research papers and a fun but very time consuming activity of multiple classes is collecting and identifying insects, pinning and presenting them in collections where you must I.d. Up to 14 families and 75 species of insects. I did three of them. It's well worth it but a huge commitment. It's not 100% online as you still need to do an internship with a pest control company for a certain period of time. Dr. Phil Koehler is the professor that runs it. Contact him, he's a great guy and happens to be the guy who wrote most study guides nationwide for general household pest control.

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    Thanks for the feedback. It does look difficult, but a great learning opportunity.

    How many courses did you take per semester? It's been 8 years since I got my bachelors degree in business so I'm trying to gauge how many classes to take in addition to running a business full time.

    Also, did you feel the UF program prepared you for the CPO test or would recommend taking a separate study course for that?

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    Going from memory I believe I took three per semester against their advice. It was a massive workload. I finished the classes in 10 months (probably not the norm). I think it's 24 total credits. Yes it very much prepared me for the test but more importantly it really helped me do my job. I did take bob kesslers cram course. Again against the advice of others I took both the ghp and l&o the same day. I was first done out of about 200 both exams, l&o 44 minutes*ghp 52 min. Scored 90&91. The l&o is usually tougher but I'm more familiar with it so I finished it quicker. I tried to talk them into giving me my ghp to finish with time remaining on l&o and they pondered it but wouldn't, had to wait about 4 hours for that test. Bottom line, it's a great course, a ton of work but in my opinion it's worth it if you can swing it time wise and financially.
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