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Licensed NJ Applicators....

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I have a question. I'm currently certified in 3A & 3B. I have some commercial properties and residences that would like there curbing (between street and curb) and parking lots sprayed with a post and pre-emergent non-selective hebricide. Basically "crack & crevice". Am I 'legally' allowed to spray or would this be considered another category?

I went to the PCP website and the only other category that makes sense to me for spraying cracks/crevice is right of way. But when I think of right of way I think of the right of ways offered to utility companies, not privately owned land.

Has anyone looked into this or contacted the PCP regarding this? Any insight would be appreciated.

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That is "right of way", on 2 way streets it is typically defined as 16 feet on each side of the center line, which includes sidewalks
that is where most of the new installations of buried or overhead wiring/plumbing goes or right of way

don't ask me why I know this, I will deny everything. Ok OK, in another life I used to work in telecom and needed to know this stuff
So based on the letter of the law, one would need a "right of way" certification to apply to the lawn b/t the sidewalk and the street.

I think we are splitting hairs with the right of way and spraying round-up on the curbs and cracks in the sidewalk.
Actually you need "right of way" to spray by the curb, the last course I was at in Nov or Dec went over it and they basically said if its not on the turf or flowerbeds you better have "right of way" if you want to spray by the curb.
Apparantly it is not splitting hairs as I thought,

Crap now I have to go for right of way and CAT 13

Just what I wanted more categories so I have to go to more recert courses so I have to spend more money......
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