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Licensed NJ Applicators....

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I have a question. I'm currently certified in 3A & 3B. I have some commercial properties and residences that would like there curbing (between street and curb) and parking lots sprayed with a post and pre-emergent non-selective hebricide. Basically "crack & crevice". Am I 'legally' allowed to spray or would this be considered another category?

I went to the PCP website and the only other category that makes sense to me for spraying cracks/crevice is right of way. But when I think of right of way I think of the right of ways offered to utility companies, not privately owned land.

Has anyone looked into this or contacted the PCP regarding this? Any insight would be appreciated.

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Actually you need "right of way" to spray by the curb, the last course I was at in Nov or Dec went over it and they basically said if its not on the turf or flowerbeds you better have "right of way" if you want to spray by the curb.
Yup, I always though all I needed was 3a and 3b like most of us. Basically I was told unless you get the "right of way" you can't spray by the curb, no driveway, no sidewalk, no hard surfaces only the turf and flowerbeds. I'm going to take the test at the end of the season when I get more time, no sense in getting fines or having unwanted problems.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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