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Licensed NJ Applicators....

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I have a question. I'm currently certified in 3A & 3B. I have some commercial properties and residences that would like there curbing (between street and curb) and parking lots sprayed with a post and pre-emergent non-selective hebricide. Basically "crack & crevice". Am I 'legally' allowed to spray or would this be considered another category?

I went to the PCP website and the only other category that makes sense to me for spraying cracks/crevice is right of way. But when I think of right of way I think of the right of ways offered to utility companies, not privately owned land.

Has anyone looked into this or contacted the PCP regarding this? Any insight would be appreciated.

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You are OK to spray, but don't take my word for it. Call them 609-530-4070 and find out first hand.
I will, I just wanted to see if anyone has contacted them and asked is all.

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