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licenses & permits


LawnSite Member
:cool2: Hi guys, will be starting out this spring,getting organized. I'm accumulating equip. I've got used truck & trailer, still looking for ZTR. Will be sole owner S corp, but my attorney & accountant don't know anything about licensing &/or permits, if any, in my area of the country (Rochester, N. Y.):waving: . Can any body fill me in on requirements? I've been on the New York state web sight for small bus, but can't find any relevant info.


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Thanks git er done. I guess I wasn't to clear. The search site was good, but I'm wondering about local permits. I think a license is only required if you put down chemicals the the homeowner can't buy domesticly? In other words,could I apply weed & feed that can be purchased @ home depot like Scotts?


LawnSite Senior Member
Rensselaer, IN

Generally, if you're applying ANY pesticide (including weed n feed) you need a license from the state. Only licensed individuals can *purchase* Restricted Use pesticides, but you must have a license if you're *applying* anything. Check with your state agency for details, however.

Hope this helps!