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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by FrankenScagMachines, Dec 31, 2002.

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    it's funny how you get all bent when you dont hear what you want... you cannot run a legit operation because, well your a minor. as far as taxes, if it's in your parents name you put them in a different tax bracket, plain and simple. can you buy cigaretts, booze, lottery tickets, gamble? no you say, well why not.. it's because you a minor.. if you cannot do the actions above, what makes you think you can run a company? in essence your parents will own it and be liable for it... like it or not, thats the way the river flows..
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    Which residential client have you ever know to ask for a business liscense? How about proof of insuance? NOTA one. Go for the residentials!!! Shy away from the comms, unless you can find a few that want to help out a youngn and will pull a few strings. Dont waste your money throwing it at the govt. They arent going to chase you down if you dont claim it. If you were to work a regular job, you will get most all of your taxes back anyway. Think about it. DONT try to be more than you are.

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    There is no reason that a minor cannot own his own business. While there may be some peripheal liability issues for his parents, he can own his own business and he would file his own tax returns and pay his own taxes. If a 15 year old works at Burger King, he gets his own W-2 and files his own return, it doesn't affect his parents tax bracket at all. So why would being self employed be any different?

    When my oldest son was 15, he operated a golf cart rental business for awhile. He borrowed the money from the local bank with a state economic development guarantee, had his own insurance etc etc, I never signed a single piece of paper.

    Lets be a little bit more helpful here, and not so quick to put down those that just don't happen to fit the mold that we think they should

    Doug Austreim
    Austreim Landscaping
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    Now f250 dont take this the wrong way or anything but you say if you cant do anything of the above then ypu cant run a biz, i think that a bunch of crap. Right now i can go join the military drink booze, smoke cig, (on base) and get sent to a war and die for my country all being 17. Now the way you put it, it sounds like you sayin us kids under 18 shouldnt be running biz's and we dont know what were doing. But there are kids on here tha know more then some adults on this site. When you say if you cant do this its like your discrimanting againts us.
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    it's easy LIABILTY... under 18 is a minor, correct? find an insurance company that will write a policy for a minor running what they consider heavy and dangerous equipment... tax bracket and self employed, well if the company is in his parents name and they also have another job, they enter a new tax bracket.. simple, stop tryin to sugar coat this kids dreams... it's a harsh reality... this kid cannot sign for a car note because if he defaults he's not liable.. sorry bub, i dont know who told you that drinking on a military base under 21 is ok, it's not been there done that....

    18 to smoke 21 to drink in the USA, overseas is different.

    On base you can get away with it being that they illegally serve you and who is going to bust them.

    Second you MUST be 18 to fight for our country. You are not millitary untill you have been alive for 18 years, so untill the day you turn 18 you are still a peon.

    BHB why do all this and hurt your parents taxes and yours. Also once you do this you are no longer able to be NCAA.

    Please do not listen to anyone on this but "YOUR" parents CPA.

    Ask them what is best for you and your family.
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    I don't understand. Usually this is a down to earth group of people. What is Bush Hog Boy to do? Quit and live off his parents because he isn't 18 yet? I mean my God, I work with troubled teens part time and I see so many that think the world owes them everything for free. Lets be sure and Make Bush Hog Boy the same way now:mad:
    Higher tax bracket? Money isnt everything. I gaurantee you that I would gladly go a tax bracket higher for my son. If he is that willing to work, I'll help him anyway I can.
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    never mind it's pointless, sorry but money is everything::: it's why we work.. if you guy's keep strokin his dream your helping him fail before he ever has the chance to succedd.
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    Ok guys now you're confusing me... you all define a scrub as a small business owner who is "usually" not
    1) licensed
    2) insured
    3) doesn't pay taxes
    among other things...
    but most of you know me enough to know that i always try to do the best job I can with what I have. And you all love flaming scrubs, I know it is your favorite pasttime. So now when I am planning on growing enough to justify insurance, license, and taxes, etc. you want to put me down for wanting to be legit??? What the heck? I would be happy working for a few years until 18 without license, but insurance I really think I'd like to have, and around here a small business owner has to pay taxes if he nets over 5k a year, which I plan on doing. I don't care NOT to pay taxes..... but I also like to follow rules and not cause trouble. I don't wanna screw up things for my parents but I don't want to screw up things for myself by not being insured and all.
    I'm sick of all the scrub flaming on here :angry: :blob2: :angry: :blob2:
    Here I am trying to be a good boy and follow the rules and expectations to be one of the big boys and now I'm getting shunned and scorned at for it? Make some sense!
    Maybe I will follow some of you guys' advice and continue to BE A SCRUB! until I'm 18. I don't really care about any of that stuff except for the insurance. If I get hurt, damage someone's property or I have a wreck with my equipment and it has my company name on it, I don't think I want to pay for it out of my pocket. Don't tell me that stuff never happens either! I'm willing to listen to and follow advice but please think about what you're telling me and make sense instead of this confusion :dizzy: I admit I don't know much about this subject so I have to rely on what you guys say so make sure you are telling me the right thing. And like lawnagent said, at least I'm trying instead of just wasting my life...
    and F350, I'd appreciate it if you would please stay away from this thread because you obviously have nothing worth contributing. I hope that you don't have kids, I pity them if you do because they will never get anywhere in life because daddy doesn't want them to learn to work and get ahead of their dopehead friends!

  10. dougaustreim

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    Why don't you people get over the tax bracket thing. That is a totally assinine discussion. Any CPA or other tax professional worth his salt will be able to file the taxes seprate from the parents.

    Sometimes, the people on these forums forget how they started. Every business started somewhere. Even if you took over daddy's business or bought another one, it originally started somewhere and in most cases it was partime and in fact some of the largest companies in this industry were originally started by high school kids. Just read some of the company profiles in the trade magazines. Babies aren't born ready to vote and most business aren't either.

    Mu business is starting its 31st season this year. The first two or three years, I was still teaching school and running it on the side. I suppose I was a scrub, but I didn't know it at the time. I just worked hard and kept going.

    Doug Austreim
    Austreim Landscaping Inc

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