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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bluesclues, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. bluesclues

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    What is up with all these licenses and associations? Do you need to be certified in everyone before you can run your business? What kind of certification does it really take to run your business professionally and properly? Please Help...
  2. TClawn

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    this is what (in my state) is mandatory, generall excise tax license. if you have employees, workers comp.

    this is what is mandatory in my mind. at least 500,000 dollars of insurance (1,000,000 if you want to do commercials) all the licensing mentioned up top, and health insurance if you don't already have it.

    the licensing above is only for lawn care.

    there are many other licenses that you will need if you want to do irrigation and/or apply fertilizer or chemicals to a customers lawn. in hawaii, our state is VERY protectionist. I only hope it's not as hard in yours.
  3. GrassMasterNC

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    Not sure what Mecklenburg County requires, but here on the coast, city privledge license (business license) is required - ran $35.00, no county license required, Turf and Ornamental Pesticide Applicators license if you are going to be putting any chemicals like fertilizer, insect control, etc (and yes, this includes roundup) down, you'd better have General Liability Insurance to cover your 6....I think Nationwide charges me $488.00 for 1/2 mil coverage. Get a fed tax id number - your accountant can do that for you. You have to have a fed id number to get gen. liablity insurance and a business checking account anyways - and it won't run you too much to have him (your accountant) do it. My accountant also did all of my LLC paperwork for me. Hope this helps point you in the right direction. Overall it isn't very costly and you need to do it. I think worker comp runs $9.51 per 100 hours worked per employee. You need to have that if you have 3 or more employees, excluding you. :dizzy:
  4. I don't know exactly where my head was - but my eyes were not sharing my brain when I first read your post.

    I think this is where you probably want to start RE: your business license and requirements etc.

    Again, there is MUCH info here you can find by 'term' searching.

    Best of luck and I'm sorry for the head up my a$$ original reply.

    a.k.a. BULLGRAZER
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    At minimum I would get ornamental and turf grass license which allows you to treat with ferts and persticides. Business lisence is cheap. Taxes on equipment will vary depending on worth of business. Other certs will just help you gain knowlege in the industry and you can use that knowlege as marketing tools. As far as other certs and licenses, check out

    Where about in Charlotte do you work. I cover part of north Charlotte near Huntersville

  6. Mo Green

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    Go to your state's official website. There should be plenty of info there. If not, there will be plenty of phone numbers. Find out the facts from the state that you live in.
  7. bluesclues

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    Thank you for the info

    I work South Charlotte near the border and a little bit in SC
  8. Mo Green

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    I would check with both states if I were you, or at least ask the NC folks about doing business in SC.

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