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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by AK Lawn, Mar 17, 2002.

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    just wondering if i need to be licensed to spread fertilizer or if this is a bad question, i have never heard of being licensed to spread fert. till i became a member to the site. i have heard about this for spraying chemicals, how do i go about getting licensed to us fertilizer and possibly spraying, do any of you guys spray LV4 on lawns, it is a weed killer that is supposibly safe for grass. what kind of trouble can you get in if you spray chemicals without a license, i do not but a competitor does and we dont get along, a real shadey business, cuts every corner, but anyways thanks for your input!
    AK Lawn
  2. You can spead fertilizer in Colorado w/o lisc. but no pesticides.
    Go to this site for the answers on what you'll need in this state.
    Also check Colorado Revised Statute 35-10-103, it is very specific about what not to apply (you can get this at a library)
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    In PA, if you are caught applying pesticides without a license the fine is $5,000! The department of agriculture are not nice people to deal with if you try to go against them!
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    But is it okay to just apply granual Fert. and Granual Lime, that is what i am wondering, i know that it is illegal to apply most sprays and pesticides
    Thanks for the feed back
    AK Lawn

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