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    Great is difficult to find what you need sometimes, especially in one place. When I started out I checked with my county extension office (what a great FREE resource). They put me in touch with the TN Dept of Ag and gave me all the info I needed, plus where to get study materials, test dates, classes, etc..

    There are many great web sites, including university web sites. I have many of these bookmarked and check them regularly.
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    Hey there Grasshopper, Could you please help me out with some info on what it takes to get a Herbicide license in Tn. I live in Memphis and want to get started ASAP. I have been in the lawn business for a while now,I have never really offer this service nor have any home owners requested it. I just started doing commerical accounts and i would prefer not to sub this out. Could you help me out with what you found out,what courses,where you take them, how many are there,how long does it take.
    Thank you, Jennay ( Crawfords Lawn Service)
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    Just go to this link to get you started. You will need certification and a license (charter). This will take a little time but it is not difficult. UT and Dept of Ag even offers classes to help with the process.

    Insurance and equipment isn't cheap, but I did this to offer complete maintenance services to my customers, and glad I did it.

    If you don't have your certification and haven't worked for anyone, you will need to attend some workshops and earn some 'points'.

    Check out the above website and check in with your local county extension office. With the season about to start this may be something you can start on now, but likely will not complete until late this year or early next year.

    Good luck! Feel free to msg me if you have any further questions.
    The Grasshopper, CTP
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    Does anyone have tips or test questions for south carolina?
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    First, if you own two should be able to afford to have a certified and licensed company to maintain your property. If not, sell your home. Someone certified and licensed will also be insured...and will be liable for any damage they may cause. A knowledgeable person will be your best insurance against damages.

    This past summer someone in the area treated a lawn with herbicide when temps were too high according to the label, and the newly sodded lawn was destroyed. No license, no insurance...homeowner will likely have to cover the cost.

    Test questions for NC? Get the material and study...the tests change. Learn the material as it is your business. I see so many go through the motions just to get certified and have no idea what they are doing. If you want to be a pro, learn everything you can, and more. I personally purchase text books from various universities and study those. I have earned my CTP through PLANET and now working on my next certification. It is not only great knowledge, but a great marketing tool.

    Don't cut corners. many do, and they are not in business long. The lowest price does not guarantee success. Sell your expertise, not your lowball price.

    The Grasshopper
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    Has anyone taken the TN limited herbicide applicator test? thanks butlermower
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    I am new to the green industry but I'm learning more every day! I will say that on-line certification is so much easier than taking my certification test and waiting 6-8 weeks before I see the results. I was just recently hired by a company in Wyoming that has its own trainging and applicator certification site where they train all of thier employees. I really liked the eaise and convinence of training on-line and would suggest people see for them selfs what its all about on the site

    I was able to take my test and my certification licence was prined right there in the office. I think this so much eaiser from when I did it in Idaho a few years ago.

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    Any idea of where the new site for Missouri could be located? I am going to check out the extension center here locally this week, if I find out anything I will let you know
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    What site are you looking for?

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