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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GroundKprs, Feb 9, 2004.

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    Hello, out of curiosity down here in St lucie county Florida, what is required to obtain a pesticide applicators license.
    Do they require a number of years expeirience,or can you just study and take a test. Or is ther different licenses for diferent chemicals. And if so I would only be interested in outdoor applications such as White fly,Chinch ect. I any one has any info it would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. rupkin

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    Thanks for the info!!
  3. Penncare

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    I think the whole licensing issue may be mute in this economy, because the reg office today told me that they have 14 inspectors for the whole state. That means about one for every three counties. I asked her what if anything would happen to someone who did not have a license and she said, oh they would get a warning if they got caught but she said, you know how hard it is to actually catch someone using the chemicals. I asked her if this does not grant most the right to do as they want with no real oversight. I asked her if she is aware that it is a violation to advertise to offer regulated services and she said yes that is true. I said well I bet you get a lot of fines from craigslist operators and she insinuated that they aren't "looking" for violators, but if they slip up and find one they will take some action. I told her that if enforcement is no more than as she described it, the risk is very small. She did not disagree. I asked her if I could have a list of people and companies that have been cited in the last few years and she said that there is no record of such open to the general public so joe homeowner can even find out that his company has been warned or cited before. She said that to get that information I would need to file a formal Freedom of Information Request. It is also rather difficult to navigate the regulation site to determine who is licensed; seems like they don't want it to be easy to find out. On a last note and just as a rant, people say "can you tell me the rules here in my state where you do not live?" Have you thought that maybe instead of asking someone else to get it for you, you might just do a Google search or even take the extreme act of calling your regulatory body and asking a question.
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    Bump for a great informational thread.
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    Thanks for the info. Moving to tn in a couple of weeks and was thinking it would be a good time to start offering service next year. But man the regs in tn are alot harder to get then ky. looks like im gonna have to call and ask a bunch of questions.
  7. brandon swafford

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    Lookin to get some feed back on a license in Louisiana to spray for ants . Some of the apartment complex is askin for this has a service for next year any info is greatly needed
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    3 years verified working for a CPO or a BS in Hort just to apply to sit for the test. You can get a "limited " license which allows you to apply caution labeled pesticides to beds only, no turf. No license to apply straight fert to turf yet, but coming soon. Florida is highly regulated when it comes to getting a CPO license for turf. :usflag:
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    Just began researching getting my license in Georgia. From what I read, there is a requirement to have liability insurance as a condition of your license. Can anyone give me a ballpark on how much this insurance costs and where/who do I go to to get it? I only plan to do this on the side and only in my neighborhood (already have a 40hr/week job and a couple rental houses to keep me busy). Just trying to determine if it is worth it to pursue the license before I get too much time invested in studying for the test. Thanks
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    Liability ins. costs vary. I've been licensed for almost 30 years and my business has been licensed/insured since I started it in 2002. When I started, the insurance was in the $1300-1500 range if I remember correctly. Now, it is about half that, since I've never had a claim. My guess is that it varies state to state. Ck with local independent insurance providers. They can help you.

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