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    When performing pesticide and fertilizer applications, must you work for a certified company or can you add this to your own business?
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    I have my HLT in TN, drop me an PM if you have any questions.

    You have to have a license in HLT, a charter, bond and insurance to do anything to a lawn in TN, other than use agriculture fertilizer, no impregnated fert. You can be certified in Catagory3, and work under a licensed HLT operator.

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    Larz, I had one quick question for you.

    Can "I" spray like, Ortho Weed*B*Gon (found at Lowes and HD) and not acquire a license?

    Did I misinterpret something?


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    I mentioned in another more recent post, not going to look for it now. But I called TDA directly, they say no. The course is about a week of study, a 4 hour test & about $200. If you go to the TDA site & read their limitations, it sounds like you can, but its not worth the risk. I now say NOWAY. And I would appreciate it if the moderator would close this thread, oh my bad, someoneelse started this. BUT, this topic appears all over the place, with very conflicting views, which I don't understand why a moderator doesn't just step up & answer the question for the rest of us. Or perhaps they could red flag & point out the erroneous info. Anyway just my 2 cents
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    Thanks Larz. I don't have 3 years under my belt, so I can't apply for a PL yet. I was wondering if in the mean time I could use products sold at HD or Lowes..

    But you answered my question...

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    Good info. I have been interested in adding this to my service. Very informative!
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    This has been said before, but remember guys, that the legality issue of applying pesticides varies from state to state, just like installing backflow devices. Therefore, if someone doing lawn maintenance in NY wants to know if he can spray some Roundup on some weeds at one of his accounts, he probably shouldn't be asking someone from Alaska, or Oregon. In as much as you may hate to do it, but you should look up your own state laws on the matter. They're bound to be on the Internet.

    For example, here in Oregon, the law states under ORS (Oregon Revised Statutes) 634.106 (5):

    634.106 Applicability of ORS 634.112 to 634.126 and 634.146. ORS 634.112 to 634.126 and 634.146 shall not apply to:
    (5) Persons who do not advertise or publicly hold themselves out as being in the business of applying pesticides but whose main or principal work or business is the maintenance of small or home lawns, shrubs or gardens.

    But again, look it up for your own state, and while you're at it, you better check your limitations even if you don't currently need a license for what your doing. More than likely, once you advertise or perform a "spraying service" you've crossed the line.
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    thanks, I need to get mine for next season, I just picked up a General Motors plant for mgnt. and I need to get a pesticide license to spray the walks and lots for weeds
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    I have asked and asked for the copies of these forms for what seems like forever! Thank you thank you thank you! They will really help!
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    THANKS A MILLION................ :waving: :waving: :waving:

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