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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GroundKprs, Feb 9, 2004.

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    Right, Grassmech, and like you I haven't had the need to use restricted use pesticides. I have had spray services come in for certain fungicide treatments, not because of the type of chemical but rather because of the scale of application - large trees, etc.

    However, regardless of whether the chemical is or is not listed as being restricted, without a pesticides licenses in this state you cannot advertise that you provide this service. Like so many things, there's a hypothetical line where on one side you're legal to use non restricted chemicals without a licenses, but once you advertise - among other things - then you've crossed over that line.

    It's not just that restricted use pesticides will harm the environment, there are many non-restricted pesticides out there that are pretty bad too, especially when not used properly.

    Here is a great website to look up info on any pesticide.

    And one to look up labels & MSDS
  2. nocutting

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    Thanks for the info. even us old dogs will benifit :waving:
  3. kirk brown

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    not to beat a dead horse, but does anyone know about canadian regulations?
  4. Critical Care

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    Wouldn't Canadian regulations vary from one province to another?
  5. kirk brown

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    not sure,but i`m in ontario if anyone knows.
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    I have a ????? We are looking to expand an get into lawn fertilizing. But we have been trying to get info even from the state of mi and that cool link that was at the begining and nothing. I want to know if you have to be licensed? and if you do how do i do it? thanks
  7. kyles974

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    yes...have to in MI
  8. kyles974

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    Really though.....if you have to ask then you should not be spraying???:confused:
  9. LawnNewbee

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    I called several county extension offices and the GA Ag Dept. They all say no license required in GA to apply fertilizers. I just posted info today on the site.
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    I've decided to cease application of herbicide or pesticide until I get a license. The not charging for application doesn't seem to be a solid loophole.

    Good to know I can still fertilize. That would suck to be fined for using cow manure, which is technically a fertilizer. It just means I can't use weed-and-feed.

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