Licensing Requirements for Landscapers in your area

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    There seems to be alot of talk about Landscape Contractors and performing landscape work. This seems to be popping up every time someone posts about help with a bid/estimate. Lets go guys I'm sure lots of you have read my posts about NC's Laws on the "I'm stumped I need help" thread. I am curious about the laws in each area of the country. Especially CA It seems that ideas and regulations there seem to travel east over a few years. May be a clue to the future in my area.
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    Thanks for starting this thread Start2. It should be interesting.

    La. Landscape contractor #2576
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    I just finished serving my second term as a board member of our Oregon license board. First of all, it's a useful, educational and profitable experience. If anyone has a chance to do something like this, jump on it if you have some experience that can help. Here's my OWN page about my term...

    Mario Vaden's term on the board

    Meetings were offered around the state to encourage landscaper attendance.

    Here is the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board website...

    In Oregon, a license is neede for landscaping and irrigation. The word "landscape" also cannot be used without a word like "maintenance" following it if there is no state license. So lawn services can't just call themselves anything they want and put it in an advertisement or on a truck.

    Any planting or transplanting must have a landscape license. That includes anybody operating a tree spade.

    Water features can be done with a landscape license or a construction board license.

    Tree services are primarily under the construction board here, but they can't plant trees with that license alone.

    Landscape contractor licensees may do tree / arborist work and plant trees with the landscape license.

    Minimum insurance is $1,000,000 and bond of $3,000

    There are a series of test, comparable to a set of college finals. 1 out of about 10 people passes them all in one test session.

    Landscapers can build decks and fences and arbors with the landscape license, but must raise the bond to about $10,000.

    Landscape contractors in Oregon may not CALL themselves landscape architects, but are able to design at approximately the level of a landscape architect for plan details - public works excluded.

    And the landscape board reciprocates to the L. architects that they may install without a landscape contractors license provided they passed the architect exam and hold the L. architect license.

    Oregon landscapers must get a $225 landscape business license. And to get that, at least one main person must have passed the tests and acquired an INDIVIDUAL license called a "landscape contractors" license. Usually, the owner does that for their own business license. The individual license is $75 - so both are $300.

    Even the board is not thrilled about the individual license being called a "landscape contractors" license. It seems confusing. There is talk about how to remedy that. How it acquired that name, or why, we were not quite sure after about 25 years of it being that way.
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    If you Google for it, you will find that Hawaii has a license board too.

    They require moral integrity as part of the requirements - I read it; forgot the exact vocabulary, but I don't think a person with a criminal record can get a license there.

    The web site that can be found will show the details.
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    As long as your not selling yourself as a Landscape Architect, Nursery or Pesticide applicator, other than a DBA, you do not need any licenses in NY.
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    No landscape contractor license in Massachusetts. Believe it or not.
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    IN the great state of Maryland we are recquired to have a M.H.I.C. ( Md, home improvements licence.) You are recquired to have $50,000 of liability ins., good credit, 5 years of experience and take a one time test. Fees are $225.00 semi -annual. This is for res. commercial not recquired. Many wise tales will say this is not needed, however do not get caught installing a much as a mailbox or mulching as such it is subject to a felony major fine and jail. Cutting and trimmong trees are seperate as Md. tree experts , something on that line recquire licence. Also landscapers handling nursery stock recquires a licences through Md. Dept of Agricultiure. It is very painless not like MHIC but recquire a annual fee of $100.00. I hold an HMIC and Ag. licence

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    anyone know what the laws are in mississippi?
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    For my county, landscape is wide open.
    Things requiring professional liscensing: irrigation, fencing, decks, pest control (herbicide included), pavers... the list goes on. I was told that pulling out dirt for a stone drive way required excavation liscensing:dizzy:
    All these separate things make it nearly impossible to build a well rounded company that can handle things in-house. Even something as simple as adding a zone for a newly landscaped area has to be subbed out:mad:

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