Licensing Requirments in South Carolina

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    Can anyone here from South Carolina help me out with this? What license i need where to go and so on? Can I use a DBA there? Where can I search company names for there so I can see if the one I wanna use is taken already? Thanks
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    Pick a name and use it. I am a sole proprietor. So i file tax returns at the end of the year as a DBA.

    All you need for mowing is a business license for the county and city areas you will be working in. State licenses for pesticides and fertilizers.
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    You do not need a business license for lawn services in SC unless you are going to collect sales tax or have employees (fed employer number). The county I live in (Spartanburg) does not require a license unless you have a physical location that customers will be visiting. If you are working in the city limits of Spartanburg they do require you to purchase a permit. I think it is $27.00.
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    Just because your county does not require it does not mean that all counties do not require it. My county drills us in the arse hole along with most counties in the state.

    I would give a testicle to be able to buy a city license for 27.00.

    I have 2 county licenses and 3 city licenses all for a total of over 500.00

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    I'm in Anderson, my lic...fee is $125. Don't do any pesticide control.

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