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  1. Oscapes

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    What do you need a license for?

    Aerating, Dethaching, Hydro seeding, or Fertilizing
  2. marko

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    I doubt one is necessary for aerating or dethatching. Check this link for fertilizing:
    some states require it, some dont. Unsure of hydroseeding. Usually anything on someone elses property that kills weed or other pests, will require a liscense. This includes "weed and feed", bought at Home Depot and put down for hire.
  3. daveintoledo

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    you must have a state issued vendors licence and collect sales tax equal to that of the tax of the county the work is done in.....50.00 for the licence

    this tax is due if gross revinue is over 5000.00

    licence to use any fertiliazer or pestiside or herbaside

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