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    I got a stupid question, but i'm a rookie. How do I go about obtaining the proper licensing for my buisness? How much will it cost approximately? What will this do to and for my buisness? How will this affect my taxes? I already claim everything I make so what will change?

    Thank you
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    Around here you have to go to the Tax Collecters office, license costs $45.00. Providing services without a license is illegal and you can be fined if caught. There are no requirements for licensing other than paying the money.
    Good luck.
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    thats a smart question if you ask me. where i go in my state is to the court house or the city municipal building to get your first license. on city i cut in charged 27.50 first year and then they adjust by your income, another city i cut in charges 80$ for your first license up to 30K. then they go up slightly. some counties require license one i work in does not have a county license for service type work, go figure. after you get you first license from then on our state, city, and county mail you your renewal, may be different in Ohio. another thing most here wanted proof of insurance, don't leave home w/o it.

    ps a guy told me here the other day he found out what it cost to do business w/o a license the fine was 500+ verses a 30 something dollar license, luckily it wasn't one of our guys he is a painter, even had a sign in the yard, duhhhhhhhh

    good luck

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