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  1. spcfoor

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    When people say they are licensed what exactly do you mean. I am insured but here you don't need any licenses unless you are putting down fert and pest.
  2. MMLawn

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    Besides any req'd Pest/Fert Appl License in many areas there are also State, County and/or City Business License(s) required to do business there. You can check with those gov agencies in your area to see if they are required for LCO's. They are here in NC in most areas and in addition you must have a city and/or county license in each different one you do business in in most cases. In other words as an example we are based in Greensboro but also cut in High Point and Jamestown so we have a Greensboro & High Point City License and Jamestown does not require one.
  3. spcfoor

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    Any one in the Tulsa area know what licenses are required?
  4. cward

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    Check your local municipalities, I'm sure there are city &/or county licenses. Being in Tulsa, you may need to be licensed in some of the surrounding suburbs also. Its just another hoop to jump through and money maker for local governments.
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