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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HBLandscaping, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. HBLandscaping

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    Ok, Today I saw someone pull up in front of my mailbox and put in a letter, It was a flyer from another landscaping company (One I've never heard of or seen). Later today 3 of my neighbors (2 which are customers of mine) asked if I recieved a letter from this company. Here's where it gets funny or really sad depending on how you look at it. The flyers said

    "We have been working with your neighbors over the last year and many more of them have contacted us and signed on for our lawn mowing service this year. If you would like the same quality service as your neighbors have been enjoying for years, Please call us today and see what we can do for you"

    Now this is a joke, I know everyone on my street (only 8 houses) and Im the only company working this street. Does anyone see the problem with this type of advertising????? How can anyone stoop that low, If they lie to get the job whatelse would they lie about? As someone who really prides themself on running a respectful, friendly and professional buisness it really piss me off to see this type of flyer. To make things worse tonight I talked to a friend who also works close to the same areas as I do and he said he recieved the same letter in his mailbox lastweek and got some calls from his clients saying they got them to. All I can say is what great customers we have, they call us anytime they recieve something from another company.
  2. KrayzKajun

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    Your lucky to have such great customers. Some companie set a bad example for the rest of us in business.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Calm down, it's just a sales tactic...a little marketing if they said the cut "so-n-so at 1234 Main St." and they DON'T, well that would be different. The term 'neighbor' can be interpreted in different ways.

    It's just like all the phone calls I get from window/roofing/remodeling companies, they always say "we are working in YOUR neighborhood and can stop by to give a quote" Now I doubt most of the time they are actually working all that close to me...
  4. richallseasons

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    also that type of advertising can be like shooting yourself in the foot, what if your hieghbor had a really horrible service and you had to look the other way every time you drove by that house.......would you sign on?
  5. HBLandscaping

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    Its ok for a company like mine and a few others in my town to say "We have" or "We are Working" but for a new never heard of company to come straight out and say that they have been working this "Neighborhood" for year(s). I have been in buisness 6 years and the other 2 companies in my town have been around for 15-20 years. I mail out letters to houses within the same block as my current clients, But Im not lying when I say that Im working "with there neighbors". But for a new company to come out like that is BS, Thats not the right way to start advertising your company when your new. If my neighbors can come to me within hours of recieving this flyer and ask who these people are or saying we've never heard of these people, then thats the response most people who recieve this flyer will say. My town's population is 3,000, 95% of the people here have been here for anywhere from 25 to 60/70 years. Everyone here knows everyone (like in most small towns) Word travals fast around here and if this company wants to stay in buisness then this is really not a good idea to comeout advertising like this. It want take long for people around here to see right through this. I didnt mean to come out like an ass. Im wondering how many people out there do this? Wondering if anyone see's something wrong with this type of advertisment?
  6. Runner

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    Yeah,...that's just a generic sales cliche. It is usually worded "We do work in your neighborhood, and would love to service your lawn." - or something of that sort.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Well the wording on the flyer might seem odd to someone in a small town that sort of knows everything that's going on, I could understand that.

    Advertising is all about creating the right perception and luring in's not meant to be taken literally...which is how you took this flyer...sort of like Mickey Dee's says "I'm Lovin' It" but really quite often I'm just likin' it or it's just so-so...
  8. stumpslawncare

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    Correct me if I am wrong but isn't against the law to put flyers in mailbox's if you haven't mailed them?
  9. toac

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    i was about to say the same thing. if this person is really making you mad, but call the post office (and see if you can get your neighbors to do the same thing). i believe the fine is $300 per mailbox?
  10. HBLandscaping

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    Im not mad about them advertising, Im sure Ive layed down a few on someone elses clients, But its the fact that a new company (just started this year) comes out with their first flyer saying we've been here before. Im not mad just wondering how professional that type of letter is. Im not new to the landscaping game, I've worked for 2 companies in the past and now own one and this is the first time Ive ever seen something like that. I was just wondering if anyone else on here (Lawnsite) has ever used this type of advertising, Maybe Im the one missing out one something I dont know. Maybe this is the way to advertise, Dont know was just asking to see what everyone else thought.

    Sorry if I sounded like an ASS, didnt mean to. I know how hard it is to get into this game and the hard work it takes so anyone who's trying to make it has my support, but this style of ad just didnt sound professional to me. I have since found out who "owns" this company and he's 17 yrs old so he doesnt know better being new to this game. I've known him along time (Remembered when he was born go way back with his parents), I have offered to help him in anyway I can without hurting my company. I know this kid and if he does things right he will be someone big.

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