Life expectancy of a flyer?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Watkinslawnservice, Apr 3, 2005.

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    What do most of you experience as the life expectancy of a flyer? I had 6900 flers professionaly designed, printed and stuffed into 2 area newspapers. I also had a 2 colum by 4 inch box ad put in another local paper that has a circulation of about 3000 homes. These ads all broke on wed or thur of this week. I had 2 calls thur. 2 calls fri. 2 calls sat. and none on sun.(today). Are my flyers basically done? If so, I would have to say that it was a crappy response. 3 calls were for clean-up only and 2 were for dethatching only and the only call I got so far for a weekly mow was from another very large LCO that wanted to sub out a small group of town homes to me because it is not worth the time to travel to them and they are right in my area. I am a little disapointed, I hope there are a bunch of people still holding on to my flyer!

    Dave :waving:

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    I recently got a call from someone who got my flyer...3 years ago. I know because I hadn't flyered that area since '02.

    Generally, calls come in for up to a week, maybe a little longer. Hard to say what the people are doing with them. Don't get many calls on a Sunday, most people prefer to wait til Monday and try to get a live person.
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    Usually the majority of your calls will call between days 1-14 in my experience then you will usually get get a few extras after that. This is just in my experience
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    I had someone call me in February for a flyer I gave out last spring. i just gave the estimate (snow hadnt melted) and am waiting for a call tomorrow.
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    to be honest I doubt much more then 40% actually look at them before they go in the garbage, then another 30% of that 40% group holds on to them for a week or more
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    I've had people call and say they got my flyer. Really? I haven't put them out in 5 yrs. So I guess they can be around for years.
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    I recently checked out an 8 cassette tape series on direct mailing by Nightingale-Contant from my local library. It was broken down to something like 90% in the first two weeks and 10% in the third week. This was not particular to our industry though. If you get the time, I would strongly suggest checking to see if your library has something like that.....very interesting listening.
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    Hi Watkinslawnservice,

    Are you including any discount coupons in your flyers that must be redeemed by a certain date?
  9. proenterprises

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    YES. putting these in are key IMO. You need to list somthing that gives an incentive for quick action, such as recieve a free lawn serivce by x/xx. Otherwise, people may hold on to it forever, and may or may not call you.
  10. Watkinslawnservice

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    Yeah, thats my bad! :realmad:

    I have a discount coupon and I even had it dated by april 15th in the 1st copy but I had them undate it so I could get a bunch of them printed at the discount price to be used whenever I saw fit.

    I probably should have kept it dated. :cry: My ad in the paper is dated though, but only 1 call generated from it so far. It's early here in Minnesota though.

    Dave :waving:

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