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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by danzig, Jan 16, 2002.

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    I purchased a used 60'' turf tracer 3 years ago. It is a 94 or 95 model, 22 hp kohler. It now has 900 hours on it. All routine maintanence has been performed on it at the required intervals. Should i be thinking about trading it in or will it go another 900 hours?
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    We don't generally have many hydro problems on any of our models. On the walk behinds the hydro drive system is extremely over built and the least of your worries. Keep in mind that the pumps on your walk behind are nearly identical to those used on the Lazer Z's.

    It's hard to make a real guess but I've seen several with 3500 + hours on the original hydrous and still running as strong as they did the first time the rolled off the dealer floor. It would be more common to replace a couple of engines before a hydro pump or wheel motor would fail.


  3. Kent Lawns

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    We replaced a wheel motor at 3400 hours. (Have probably 50,000 total hours on Exmarks.) That is the only time we had a hydro repair, period.

    Otherwise, as posted, the hydro system is built for the long haul. Even with moderate maintenance 3000 seems a sure thing.

    Our newer models have been repair-free thoughout the first 2000 hours.
  4. butler L&S

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    I have a Turf Tracer 52" 1998 model with the 17hp Kawi. I had BOTH hydro pumps go out at about 600 hrs. My dealer replaced both hydros under waranty. The machine has been trouble free ever since.
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    We have had a couple of scag hydros that received engine transplants at 2500-3000 hours. One rider has clocked another thousand hours with a new kohler command, and a 52 walkbehind has a few hundred on a new kawasaki. They are now very reliable backups. No hydro problems with these, only on new machines!!!

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