life expectancy of a mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hvphotog, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. hvphotog

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    What is the life expectancy of a mower, how many hours?

    Cars today you can say will easily get over 100 grand and heavy equipment, well if you take care of it who knows..

    What about mowers?

    Reason i am looking at two very nice Toro mowers one with 1300 hours and the other with 1600

    Both appear to have been well maintained and a in great condition and if on avg you ran your mower 5.5 hours a day that would mean the 1600 hour mower has about 290 days of use +/- say 3 seasons.

    LetÂ’s here what everyone is thinking..
  2. Nick's Lawn Care

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    If you take care of them they will last just about forever...

    1300 hours and 1600 hours seams like alot for a used mower... What engines do they have?

    Around 2000-2500 hours they will start to need parts and will be more at risk of breaking down...

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. hvphotog

    hvphotog LawnSite Senior Member
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    I already asked and just waiting to hear back from each.. I have some heavy and light equipment and purchasing something with 3,ooo hours does not bother me knowing it was taken care of.. i realize at a certain point something will need to be replaced. But money wise a new ones is 8 to 10 grand even ones with 500 or less hours people want around 5 grand for.. so thinking get something like this for 2 grand and dump a grand into it and have an awesome working mower.. that is my thinking for these anyhow.. lol
  4. kaferhaus

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    The engines and hydraulics are the pricey items. BUT the other stuff can nickel and dime you to death too.

    If it's a Briggs or Kohler Command engine, the 1600hr engine is definately on it's last legs and the other may be close to it.

    Toro would not be near the top of my list for pro grade equipment either.

    AND unless the guy is "out of the business" there's a reason he's selling them and likely it's because they've started nickel and dimeing him to death and he's decided it's going to be cheaper to buy new ones.

    The higher quality mowers will last nearly forever as the frames and decks are well over-engineered. You'll still be replacing engines, hydrualics, spindles etc. but that's a fraction of the cost of a new pro quality machine.

    Toro's do not fall into that catagory.
  5. ohanyan1

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    Where do you get this crap from?
  6. touhey33

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    From what I understand Toro is one of the top high quality brands.
  7. mowerbrad

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    As long as the mower was taken care of you should easily get well over 2000 hours out of it, if not more. Now, you can't be certain that the mower was well taken care of, for all you know, he just cleaned it up to sell it. But most engines I would expect to last 2000 hours.
  8. kaferhaus

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    From the best place on earth. Personal experience, over 20yrs of it as a multi crew operation.

    If it breaks, we've seen it break, if it's tough as nails we've seen that too.

    We have a 12 month season down here and there's a reason you see so many Kawasaki and Kohler Command engines, they last.

    There's also a reason I haven't seen a pro running a Toro in years (other than the odd newbie)

    They may work for you but they don't hold up down here.


    In no particular order are almost all you see here. And we've tried them all.
  9. hvphotog

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    What do you consider a high end mower or at least a good machine for the money?
  10. DT Lawn Care

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    Damn man, you sure hate Toro a lot. All I see you doing is saying that Toros suck. Everyone has their own humble opinions.
    Also, you said earlier that Kohler Commands wouldn't last as long, then you praised them. WTH is with that.
    If you want to get into a lot of fights, I would suggest you keep saying that Toros suck.
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