Life of a Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bodaggin, Apr 15, 2014.

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    Wow that is great! I think that is the most hours I have seen in a gas engine. Care to share any secrets or maintenance practices? Synthetic oil or any additives, frequency of oil/filter changes ect?
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    weve got an 02 exmark 48" belt driven walk behind with 15hp kaw that just went 11 years cutting 100 1/4 acre lawns per week 8 months per year with only oil / filter / spark plug changes , the oil level was ALWAYS watched and kept full through out every days work . there was other minor maintenance but i cant remember it all . it was still going strong but burning alot of oil til last summer a guy was filling in for my partner and forgot you had to check the oil about every 3 hours cutting time and ran it dry . it still runs but has become very low powered bogging down in medium length grass . we ended up putting a new engine on last week . also , we always used any cheap standard oil like a meijers store brand or which ever
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    Air filter care. Changing elements and proper use of prefilters. Cleaning the housings and making sure the inlet pipes are leak free.
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    Are Kawasaki mower motors more noisy than others? I have owned many Kawasaki motorcycles and all the engines were more noisy than any other brand. I have my first Kawasaki powered mower and it seems to be on the noisy side. Just wondering if this is normal
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    Nothing magical really. but, here is what I do: change the oil every 25-35 hours using whatever autozone has on sale; change the oil filter at 200 hours; keep the fins clean, get any oil leaks fixed asap, change air filter as needed.

    The engine has had lots of oil leaks: breather gaskets, sump gaskets, governor seal, etc. Lots of coils, carb rebuilt twice. Never had the heads off. Uses about 8-10 oz. oil in 25-30 hours. Engine does not smoke. Runs pretty well but does not have the same power as new.
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    This is awesome to hear. I wanted to get an idea because I have 2 FS541V's, both around 1,100 hours. They burn a bit of oil but I keep a constant eye on it. I maintain them meticulously, oil always full and fully follow the manufacturer maintenance schedule. Not worried about these engines for a long time but was just trying to see HOW long they could actually last for.

    PS, there is no excuse for leaving fan fins, belts, etc full of grass. We own lawn care companies and have powerful blowers everywhere we are. Blow the thing off for 10 seconds before you hit the trailer and you're good to go. I guess it's tougher when an unsupervised employee is in charge.

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