"Life span" of mycorrhizae?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by upidstay, Jul 1, 2011.

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    I added a mycorrhizae supplement (PHC plant saver and bio-pak), plus an organic fert with beneficial fungi (PHC healthy start) to my personal vegetable garden. My question is this:

    Assuming the myco has established itself (applied according to label rates 2 consecutive years), how long will it last? Will rototilling kill it or harm it?

    For anyone who has not tried it, the PHC stuff is AWESOME. The 3-4-3 Healthy Start is the best fertilizer I have ever used. I have some pretty poor soil where my garden is, and it does extremely well with that and the Plant saver. I use the 3-4-3 on everything in my yard, even house plants.
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    I agree it is AWESOME. I too use it for everything. The thing we have to remember is that mycorrhizae survive by developing a relationship with the roots of the plant. The sugars from the plant feed the mycorrhizae and the mycorrhizae expands the root system to help the plant pull more water and nutrients from the soil. Rototilling should not have a negative effect on the soil. You should continue to use mycorrhizae everytime you plant because it can only help. Another thing you can do is leave the root system in the ground and only remove the top when your garden is depleted at the end of the growing season. All PHC products contain the beneficial bacteria so you shouldn't have to continue to add the bio-pak every year.

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