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    Ok guys, since in the past I never maintained a large number of properties and now this year I have 50+ I wanted to know some general life span questions. I did a search and got life span of an employee lol.

    We are taking all things being equal with proper maintenance being followed and no accidents like lakes or stairs. What would the typical life span be of such equipment as follows:

    Trimmers ie: Redmax, Shin, Stihl
    Blowers ie: see above
    Commercial push mowers: Exmark Metro, Toro Proline
    WB's ie: Exmark TTHP and equivalent.

    Repairs and replacement parts accepted but before the equipment has no useable, reliable life in it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Trimmers are quite low I had my 3 new shindaiwa 4 mix trimmers last year less then 4 months before they all crapped out one by one on me. They put some new kit on them to fix the problem this winter I am hoping to get some more life out of them but will believe it when I see it.

    The blowers last a lot longer I see no reason why you cannot get 5 years out of them or more.

    Push mowers while I own 2 I honestly do not know how long they last one is 2 years and still runs close to new.

    The Wbs at least 5 years I have worked with a guy that had 10-year mowers. I felt then and still do they were junk but the point is you have to make that decision. If you do not mine the wear and tear perhaps 20 years on the other hand some people dump mowers once the warranties expire.
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    1. echo trimmers, little or no maintenance, work good for about 2-2.5 yrs. before they finally stop and don't start again. Wish I had an hour meter on one, hmm.crastmen or toro trimmers(i was young and needed the money, ha,ha) would last a half to whole season.2. Push mowers seem to be an endless battle, have to keep throughing parts at them from week one. 3. blowers, about two years on a cheap one, haven't killed a good one yet, and 4. zero-turns, usually try to trade after about two years so can't answer that.
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    Thanks for the couple replys so far guys. Figured it would be an interesting question to gauge the life span ppl are getting out of the machines. Time based in hours would be more accurate as to the amount it is used vs 5 years of once a week lol.
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    I have trimmers that are on their 6th full time season. Mowers with many yrs on them with no end in sight. Its in how you or your employees take care of them. I expect at least 5 yrs of daily useful life from trimmers, blowers, edgers. I expect my mowers to produce at least 2500-3000 hours of work.
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    Maintenance, it is all about maintenance i have an on site mechanic and i have had some of my equipment for over 8 yrs, i am replace and usingas backups but they all still run great and have my back up crew, crew 3, that only uses that equipment, so take care of it it is expensive and once it is paid for it is all profit, good luck,

    P.S. i am replace a full crew this year # 4 with all new equipment, also in ALaska we use mainly 21's because the terrian is rough because of frost heves
    AK Lawn

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