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LifeGuard WSPs and my PG Magnum


LawnSite Platinum Member
Well, it's finally a ground temp of 45 degrees here in MN.

Yesterday (Sat., 4-21) I finally got out to do some applications with my new Magnum.

I used to run an Ultra, but wanted the tax depreciation again.

Anyways, in a previous post I mentioned that I've started to run LifeGuard WSPs instead of granular Dimension.

What I THINK I've figured out is, since I do my own cleanups, then the first round of fertilizer / crabgrass spray, is that the LifeGuard is "settling" in the tank between each property.

I do properties between 1/2 acre of turf, up to 5 acres with the applications, so it's not always easy to just put 2 gallons in, especially if I have to use the WSP.

Right now if it's going to be longer than 3-4 hours before I'm going to use the LifeGuard, I'm draining the tank, since I know my screens will just be clogged by the time I start spraying.

Anyone with other experience have any ideas on what I should do, besides calling up the rep that sold me the product in the morning and telling them that it just ain't working for my situation??

If I put fresh product in, I have no problems, it's only when I let it sit for the 3+ hours.