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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FERT-TEK, Mar 1, 2006.


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    hello fellas, been a while! I did a search and it ended in futility. I have a relatively simple question for anyone using a lift assist for their tailgate ramp. Over the winter I injured my back and now have a bulging disk in in my lower back and want to protect it buy using one of those gate lift assist devices.

    ??? When the lift assist devices are attached can you still drive your mower up one side of the gate to suspend the other half of the mower deck to remove the blades or clean underneath? It appears that the cable will get in the way when doing that, preventing the mower from pulling far enough forward. Can this still be done?
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    I use the ballard lift assist for my gate and it has only used one side, this would make the other side free to use for what you want.
    The lift gate assist has made dropping and raising the gate soo many times a day a breeze to do.:weightlifter: :clapping: :walking: :cool2:
    Good luck with your back too.....
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    Me too, I use the EZ Gate by ballard. Got mine at cheap. I have the same lower back issues. I sware it is from years of gate lifting. Its that quick, not thinking grab of the gate when you are in your mowing zone that does it.

    It is probably the best $150 I ever spent.
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    You can make very easily your own for $50 just like the ones that sale for $150-$200
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    We have a local weld shop here that made a lift assist that mounts on the side of the trailer and uses a garage door spring in a tube and it works great and there is no wires in the way on either side of the ramps. Cost $150 but it was well worth it.
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    Not to change the subject and make this into a "bulging disc" discussion but a bit of advice. When I was 22, I had the same thing, turned into sciatic nerve pain, herniated disc and so on. Only option was surgery. Had the surgery and guess what, seven or eight years later, pain was back. Went to a pain management doctor, three visits later (epideral type shots) and I have been pain free for three years. My advice, seek out a doc that specializes in pain management and stay away from the knife. As for the gate assist, money well spent.
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    Yup... that's the ticket... and they look cool too!
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    That sounds cool, I'd like to see that!
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    I had a nasty fall some time ago. The first 7 discs in my lower back... bulging discs.
    All 7 bulge in against my spinal column.

    Needless to say...
    Severe low back pain
    Heck, severe pain from mid low back to the tip of my toes
    Severe sciatic nerve pain

    Pure misery!!!! :cry:

    Anyways, I went to physical therapy for at least 6-7 months, ran back and forth to doctors, ect. Over time I got a lot of conflicting information. In the end, some doctors were wanting to do all sorts of stuff. Injections, pain management, surgery... all kinds of crap. But with all I had been told and all that was at risk, I just couldn't feel comfortable with a decision.

    So in the end, I elected not to make a decision at all. Over the years that have passed, I have come to accept the fact that it will probably never ever actually get BETTER. But I have found a few things that help ease the misery.

    Now I know everyone is different, and the age of my injury is another factor. But just recently this winter I found the most effective relief I have had in years. I use Trigger Point Therapy which is a treatment developed for Fibromyagia patients. The relief is amazing and the effects are lasting. Best I have felt since before the injury. It also works for some of my other pain.

    So this may merely indicate that I myself have Fibromyagia, ya know? But hey, it works so dang well you should atleast try it.
  10. FERT-TEK

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    Regarding my injury. I have been lucky I am pain free and stronger than before. The injury is L5 S1 which is the last disk before the tail bone and it takes a beating because it is at the bottom of the back. I was off of work for a month with pain which included sciatic pain but through stretching and strengthening exercises I am again pain free. If stretching and physical therapy didn't work the next step was the injections you mentioned.

    Some advise for anyone who has reoccurring sciatic pain, try to stretch a small muscle in your hip called the pariformis (spelling?) That stretch does wonders for sciatic pain because the sciatic nerve runs directly through that muscle and when it is tight will aggravate the nerve. To stretch that muscle do this simple movement. One at a time while sitting in a sturdy chair. Cross one leg over the other with your ankle above the opposite knee and bend forward until you feel a stretch. That muscle you feel stretching is the pariformis. Do each side three times for 25 to 30 seconds and switch legs. I worked for me and this stretch was recommended by both my doctor and physical therapist.

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