Lift Gate vs Ramp vs P-van

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greendave, Mar 9, 2004.

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    This may or may not have been discussed before, I've seen posts about ramps on box trucks for lawn equipment, but....... as I'm looking for a box truck for my LCO, rather than continue with a truck and trailer for reasons of security, out of weather storage, and 'rest room' issues, I find lots of nice used box trucks out there with hydraulic lift gates on them. Does anyone here actually use a setup with a lift gate for getting your equipment in and out of your truck? I can see lots of disadvantages to using one, safety being a big one, but are there any advantages? Should I even consider it? Why and why not? Second, does anyone use a P-van? There are lots of aluminum Chevy P-vans available around here, some quite reasonable. Who uses one? How do you like it? I used to drive for a newspaper company; we had several, a couple that I really enjoyed driving ( I remember 'ol #17, had a 350, 4 speed, shifted soooo smoothly, actually had better pickup than the ones with 454's..... and it was actually QUIET inside). Yes, I realize the wheel wells are an issue, a ramp over them with storage undeneath in will handle that easily.

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