Lift kit package for 2wd Suburban

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Jacobs, Apr 17, 2001.

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    I have a 1999, 2WD GMC Suburban and I plan to put a 33x15x10.50 or 12.50 MT tires on it.
    What lift kit should I go with 4", 5", or 6"? And, what system package? Any prefered tire brand names?
    Basically, I'm doing this for the looks and I want to do it the right way and as comfortable ride as possible. I know you guys at are expert on this.
    I appreciate your recomendation.
    Thanks in advance for your help,
  2. MTCK

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    Well, if you're not going to really use it off road, I'd go the majority of your lift on the body, IE a 3" body lift. You'll also need a little suspension 2-3" to get 33x12.50 and more than that to get 15 plus inch wide tires on there. There's a company that specializes in 2wd lift kits, and I can't think of their name for the life of me, but they are THE name. I'll figure it out and get back to you. I know their componlents are blue though :) Like that helps. Gimme a day and I'll find it. As far as tires, if you're just going to drive around on the road, get either 33x12.50 BFG all terians, or a mickey thompson of some kind for a wider tire.
  3. MTCK

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    Fabtech is the name of the company, and they make a 3" suspension lift for the new GM trucks. It runs a shade over $400 and is available from They could also answer your questoins about tire clearance.

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