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I have a 89 3/4t 4x4 reg cab, long bed, 350 engine, auto turbo 400 tranny, AC. What is best to get if I want a lift kit? Is 6" better than 4"? Is a body lift any good? Any info would be appreciated. What size tires would be ideal? Thanks.


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Here is the scoop, the larger the tire, the harder your rear-end has to work, so larger tires (over 33's) means you should look at a new rear-end too<p>Ideal tire size depends on what you want to do.<p>body lift will restrict what you would want to haul in the bed, I would not recommend a body lift if you haul anything other than your dog in the rear end of your truck, the support isnt there for the weight when you put that bed up on blocks, load of gravel might buckle your bed.<p>check your state laws regarding tire size lift etc. 4&quot; is a good lift usually will allow 33's under it<br>doesnt affect too much suspension geometry and gives a little better ride in my opinion. <br>If you can go 6&quot; in your state you might be able to go 35's but check that one out, with your local 4x4 shop, i dont know if your truck will rub tires at the 35&quot; level or not. <p>Personally I have a 78 chev 3/4 ton 4x4, have 4&quot; of suspension lift (pro comp) and am able to run 35&quot; but they will rub if i get aggressive off road, so i have a set of 33&quot; boggers for my off road fun and the 35&quot; sit in my garage most of the time. I am thinking about going to a 6&quot; lift to accomodate my 35&quot; tires. <p>It depends on what you want. How you use your truck, and what your pocket book can afford.<p>Personally with that model of truck i think a <br>4&quot; with 33&quot; tires would be the perfect ride!<p>-Abe............sorry about the book <p><br>


sorry i don't know anything about lift kits really. i need your help though. me and a buddy have the same truck as you and we are having some trouble with our right blinker acting nuts. have you had any trouble with yours? or do you have any info that may help. reply under 89 chevy 3500. thanks h-bass

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