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  1. SLC  LLC

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    Anyone have pictures of or use a lift in their shop that they use for maintenance purposes and raising mowers up off the groudn? I am looking to put one in my shop, and just wondering what worked best. Thanks for the input.
  2. MowForLess

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    Well, if you got that kind of money...... I just use jack stands and those roll-on ramps on the back wheels. Safe enough for me and sure beats a 2x4 under the front axle to change blades.....Oh yes I have done this in a pinch.
  3. GreenUtah

    GreenUtah LawnSite Senior Member
    from SLC, UT
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    agreed..a floor jack and jack stands do it for most maintenance on mowers, from blade sharpening to changing belts and tires. If you are looking for something for a repair shop, I would say that a drive on, two wheel channel type would be safer than a post/arm configuration. Finding the balance point up with the entire machine in the air on most commercial mowers(and still having room to get to what you want to) would be tough at best. For changing blades and belts on most equipment, there is no need to get the entire machine off the ground.
  4. hackitdown

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    I bought a Jungle Jack from Jungle Jim's. I can jack up a 52" ztr in seconds, and it feels very safe up there. I think it was about $150 or so.
  5. westwind

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    we have a large heavy duty truck post lift. We have always used jacks for the mowers, it's actually faster than a lift.
  6. topsites

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    I agree with the guys, I got a couple of jackstands and a floor jack (a decent size one, 2-3 ton), you can get all that at Harbor Freight for right under 100 dollars...

    As for the Wb, I grab the deck with one hand, lift it up and put the stand under it with the other. Be careful not to let it fall on you, don't get yourself too far under your own mower. The back lifts with the floor jack, I've never had a need to raise the entire machine in the air, just one end or the other does fine.

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