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Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by Mick16G, Feb 7, 2002.

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  1. Mick16G

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    Last year I was looking to purchase a liftable rear hitch for my 98 Pro G. My dealer indicated that the hitch was no longer available. I had to modify a hitch from a 812 to fit my Pro G. Now I hear that another person ordered a Pro G with the 13.5 Robin engine and a liftable rear hitch. Did my dealer blow me off? If so you should know...
  2. The Gladiator

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    Greeting, I've looked through our pricing information and know that we do not offer a rear sleeve hitch for the Pro G tractor. I'm not sure who told you that they were available, but they are incorrect. The hitch system does not appear to be very difficult to build so maybe the dealer is providing that hitch built by them. I'm sorry we couldn't help you with your need.

  3. rayciesboy

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    Ok,I am new here and hope I am not out of line with my response.I own a Professional 18-G Gravely that was manufactured in 1986.I bought the tractor new as what they termed a "leftover" in the spring of 1987.

    It has been quite a while since I have looked at the newer Gravelys,and I might be confused about model designations,but I believe that Mick16G has basically the same tractor,which has changed little since my tractor was made.

    Heres my point,being as these tractors have a rear mounted engine,the hydraulic lift mechanism is located centrally on the tractor to lift the mower deck,and is useless for raising and lowering rear attachments.A device was made and sold by the dealers at one time that solved this problem.I believe it was called a hydraulic rear lift kit.The other person Mick speaks of may have purchased one from a dealer that had one in stock from years ago.

    When I bought my Gravely,there was a company that made several front and rear attachments for both the gear driven and hydraulic driven tractors.There was everything from a tiller to a front loader bucket.As far as I know,this company(I cannot remember the name),went out of business,because all the attachments became unavailable,except for what dealers may have had in stock.I have looked around for some of the attachments without much luck,but I am sure they are out there !
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