lifters tapping


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My kohler 22 has had a problem since I got it. Sometimes when I crank it the lifters will tap for 5 or6 minutes before they ever pump up. I told my daler about it early on and he said it was common for them to rattle for a few seconds but eventually they would quiet down. That ain't whats happening! He also said the engine was warrantied for 2 years so if there was a problem Kohler would take care of it. Anybody else have this problem?


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the problen you stated has been recognized by kohler and is being worked on as we speak. i just returned from the kohler update school and was told that they had engineers working on it now.has you dealer sugested using 10w40 oil? if now it makes a diffrence.i will keep you posted of new details.<br>david


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Kohlers do that.<br>For one I think kohlers are garbage.We bought four new mowers last spring<br>with kohlers.They all were louder then hell.It sounded like the motors would come apart.I sent them back to the dealer and he said there was nothing wrong.Not to mention Kohlers are hard to start when it gets cold.<br>It's in the way they set there valves.<br>I like our mowers with the Kawasaki engines much better.I have had many of both.<br>To answer your question better they will run load and noisy. That is there nature.<br>You should get a good life out of them anyway.<br>Hope this helps

Tony S

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Webster MA
I have a Kohler 22hp on one of my Scags, and the lifters NEVER make noise. If you want<br>to hear lifter noise, you should listen to one of my trucks.


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Yeah, Kohler's been working on it the last 4 years. Meanwhile eXmark is offering Kawasaki and those of us who don't like to wrench on equipment are buying Kawasaki.