Lifting a ZTR for Deck cleaning ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tportela, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. tportela

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    Ok I've learned from you guys quite a few good things about my Toro ZTR :

    For instance how & what to use to scrap & clean the deck, also that I can cut after the rain (but slowly) to avoid bald spots from occuring,

    NOW how does a homeowner raise the deck hi-enough to get all that wet grass out of there. I have car ramps , jack stands, pump jack, & a low profile quick lift car pump jack. Will any of these work. If so where is the sweet spot on the deck or frame to safely lift it with what I've got.

    The toro Z stand ($249.99) is not on my ZTR should I invest in that to get the deck cleaning job done safely & conveinently ?????

    Thnx members......................
  2. JTF40

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  3. tportela

    tportela LawnSite Member
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    Thats a thought. How much??
  4. Ted Bell

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    I use a car ramp for deck cleaning.

    For changing blades, I need a higher lift to fit the impact wrench under the mower. I use a chain hoist attached to a beam in my barn, and attach the chain hoist to the mower using a nylon lift strap. I also use floor jacks for safety.
  5. ed2hess

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    A floor jack is all that is needed you can raise it until the back end bottoms and that is it....take brake off and put jack stands in to support. The sweet spot is dead center of deck and I assume you deck has stop so you can raise it this way. I don't like raising the unit using the deck but haven't found a better way. Normally I run the unit up on the trailer ramp and use a shovel to clean deck
  6. JB1

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    A floor jack is all we use.
  7. tportela

    tportela LawnSite Member
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    Where is the floor jack placed ,just in front of the deck at the rim (outer lip edge ) What do you mean by deck stops ??

    The jack stands go at the OUTER edge on the sides but in the middle correct. Not under the deck ?

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