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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by TeamYardsale4, May 13, 2014.

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    Went to change blades on my scag the other day, put my 3 ton jack under the front bumper and lifted it up all the way. Loosened my first blade bolt then went to pull it off and realized the entire bolt from the top of the deck comes off with the blade, and my jack wouldn't lift the front of the mower higher enough to take the bolt out, grabbed a piece of 2X4 stuck on the jack and as I raised it up the jack kept wanting to slide out so I didn't feel comfortable reaching my arms under the deck like this. My question is what do you guys use to lift your mowers? A jack add on? Mower lifts meant to hold a commercial mowers weight etc. any comments appreciated :drinkup:
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    I use chain hoist I have 2 hoist So I can service 2 mowers at same time
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    One front wheel on my trailer ramp for my SCAG. My exmark is easier. I just grab a caster wheel lift and set it on a jack stand.
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  5. TeamYardsale4

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    Will that jungle jack lift the mower any higher then my 3 ton jack will tho? It goes pretty high when it's straight up, it was so close to getting the bolt out I was annoyed. I would love to eventually put a hoist in my garage for sure but maybe I will try the trailer trick this week!
  6. TeamYardsale4

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    Do you think if I bought one of the floor jack cross beams that would be enough height? That will add around 2-3"
  7. Breezmeister

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    If you are talking a 48 WB, our guys lift them from the side, carb on the high side. Be careful, you can tip it over :cry:
    Our exmarks get the floor jack, it has a 19 inch lift/reach what ever you want to call it. I know that HF has a cheap 2 1/2 ton jack with a 18 inch lift, that should be more then enough to clean your blade bolt.

    A chain hoist is great if you have a strong beam to work from, or make your own gantry crane like I did.
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