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  1. cmhobbz

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    Good evening, folks...

    I just stumbled across a product called MoJack. This product is very appealing to me because I have a difficult time accessing the bottom-side of my Fastrak's mowing deck. Even with ramps, I can't seem to get the mowing deck high enough to easily get underneath (cleaning and blade changes). My only concern with using a MoJack is that the small wheels, mounted to the very rear of the frame, take on all of the Fastrak's weight with very little front-end lift. Without those wheels, weight on the engine guard becomes a concern.

    What have you folks, who are using lifts, done to get your Fastrak high in the air... without damaging the back-end of the unit?

    Are there other options to using a lift?

    Thanks for your time and feedback.
  2. hustlermidwest

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    I would suggest jacking it up high enough to work on the undercarriage but be sure the drive wheels stay on the ground. The unit is more stable resting on the drive wheels. The rollers can touch the ground but let the drive tires take the weight.

    Brian O
  3. farmmower

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    I just got the EX for my Ferris 3100Z. Just tested it and haven't removed any blades yet but it is going to work great. The manual says to chock the rear wheels and keep the brake off until it's lifted. Both would be safety matters I think but can't see that either would affect the mower as I wouldn't think lifting the front by 25" would matter to the mower transmission, etc.
  4. soooie

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    A small chain hoist on a shop rafter or a large tree branch is very economical and works great.
  5. rwreuter

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    I have a MoJack XT for X-One and it works great...........without it, there is no way to really get a good under deck cleaning......

    I raise it up all the way, usually the rear, small wheels are resting FIRMLY on the concrete in my garage.

    With the SD, you shouldn't need to purchase the XT, the standard MoJack should work for you...their website has a chart with weights on it. Just take your mowers weight and multiply it by 30%, that will give you the MoJack that you need.

    One piece of advise on the not use an impact wrench to raise and lower's not designed for an impact strips it out.......LOL
  6. MinnesotaVegans

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    I just used my new J&S Jacks TurfBuddy Lawn Mower Lift to change the blades. It made the job easy with the Hustler Fastrak SD Blade Removal tool (381442) I bought previously.
  7. hustlermidwest

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    On vacation, if nobody sends you a photo remind me in a week.

    Brian O
  8. Downunder Bob

    Downunder Bob LawnSite Member
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    I might be missing something here but how do you get the jack under the front wheels when you have to travel so far backwards up the ramps?
  9. Dorian Gilbert

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    His son must lift the front end:weightlifter: and then he places lift under wheels.

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