Light bulbs not lasting... Help

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by East Coast Lawn Choppers, Aug 21, 2009.

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    here is what i would do to start with. Replace the melted fixture. Is it possible to replace that short wire run for the single fixture with 16ga wire ? This would give you around a .3 drop in that short area

    RSL (rockscapes) does have a small transistor regulator you could wire inline on the voltage side of the tap. This was the idea I had that i didnt want to recomend. They are good up to 75w. They will take 12-18v and output 11.5... I have a pile here I was going to use to repair a daisy chainned job 2 yrs ago and thought better of it and ended up selling a new system.

    Now... FORGET your electronics background. This is simple ohms law and voltage drop. You NEED specific readings not just "I have about 12v at the fixture" You need to know.. 12v....12.4... whatever.

    Now when you replace that fixture. Even tho that may be the lamp that it came with or the same type of lamp it was probably overkill to begin with and some bogus rating and good chance is most installers using it will never have close to 12v running to it. I would get a good quality fixture and a 20w lamp or less. Still sounds like the fixture was overdriven with voltage and over lamped.
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    Well look at that! "pro grade" fixtures under $15 each! whowouldathunkit? :laugh:

    Now we can all go out there and easily sell systems in the $50 per fixture range. This is going to revolutionize our industry!
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    That was the brand of the transformer, the lights on the wall were pinnacle which probably isn't saying much. The lights I purchased were Kerr Lighting "the inventors of the original paver light" they were supposed to be good. I bought them because they matched the cobble and the others were the under the step lights. The under the step lights were around $54.00 ea. so i thought they were pretty good.
    I'll definitely drop the wall lights down to a 20W max. and replace the wiring with 16ga and get the voltage down at the lights to 11-11.5. Tomorrow when I get out to that job I'll measure the voltage at the lights. My fluke meter is calibrated and is accurate so I'll let you know what I find. Thanks for all the help....

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