Light Kit?? and voiding warrenty

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    I ordered a Super Z and requeshed that since Hustler doesnt have a light kit to use John Deeres and mount it on for me. After my salesman talked to Hustler he said that it MAY void the warrenty due to the electric fan drawing power and the alternator not being about to keep up.

    Does anyone have any info on if this is true?? Hes still checking it out, but I remember reading of others hooking up a light kit to their Hustlers, so it sounds like BS to me. Maybe Hustler is just looking for a reason to void paying future problems :(

    If this is true this may be the last Hustler I buy, didnt have much luck 4 years ago on my first, so this would be the big nail in the couffin, I do way too much night mowing to buy a mower that cant handle a little light kit.

    Other than that the mower seems great :)

    Can anyone shine some light on this?
  2. mowerconsultant

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    We would not void your warranty, but if there is a failure of a electrical component and it is caused by to much draw from a unapproved light kit, that particular failure would not be covered.
    We do not offer light kits for our Super Z's at this time due to the amp draw it puts on the charging system of the engine, we need to amps to run the PTO clutch and the cooling fan on the hydro coolers.
    We are looking at and testing light kits with lower amp draw.


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    Just buy the OEM EQUIPMENT.
  4. gps_jetskier

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    Depends. If it's just a "Hustler" like you say, then you can. If it's a "Super Z" like you also say, then your not suppose to. The engine supposedly doesn't have enough amps to supply the fan, and the lights at the same time. However, no one has figured out how many amps the motor CAN supply. So I question the whole thing really. If you got a set of low wattage lights (maybe LED's), then I think you could still be under the amp rating. Untill we know what the amp rating is though...tough to say....
  5. mowerconsultant

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    The PTO clutch is a draw also.
    The stator has to provide enough amps for the PTO clutch, the fan for the hydro cooler and charge the battery.
    If you add anything else to the system that draws to many amps, something is going to suffer, which would be a dead battery, non-operable clutch or a hydro cooler fan that doesn't work.
    Would I want any of those problems? no, so I wouldnt add a light kit that isn't approved for it.
    Nor would I like to see blown fuses, stator or voltage regulator failure.
    Ultimately it is the owners option to do what they want.

  6. gps_jetskier

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    That's true PJ, but if you can still stay under the motor ratings, then you should be more then fine still. That is assuming that Hustler didn't use every last little bit of the amp draw.

    The only answer is to put a rechargable system in place for it with a seperate battery. However, you'd have to charge it all the time or figure out a way to add a charging system to it which sounds like a mess to me.
  7. Imow4u2

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    My e.f.i. has a 25 amp charge I think the clutch takes like 10 amps ? The fan can't be more than 5 amps. I don't know what the e.f.i. part draws and the ignition... If a guy knew the exact numbers you could subtract and then know what size or amperage lights would work....

    I would want to stay in the 85% draw range for a charging system should give about 21-22 amps continuos..
  8. blackandgold

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    If Hustler reccommends to NOT use the light kit on the Super series, it is for a reason. We certainly wouldn't turn away sales of accessories except when it is in the best interest of our customers. Listen to Hustler or use the light kit at your own risk.
  9. gps_jetskier

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    Oh you can put that same logic to anything.

    You stick to 55mph too? It's in your best interest to since they recommend it.

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