Light kit for Hustler Fastrack

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by clif, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. clif

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    Does anyone have a picture of an installed light kit that is sold for hustler's fastrack? I would rather spend $15 on a set of fog lights and install that on my fastrack myself rather than spend over $100 for the OEM stuff, and however much the dealer will charge to install them.... I have read that the light kit installs on the front of the two fuel tanks, which sounds dangerous.... gas + electricity. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do it yourself with a light kit? I used to own a Craftsman ZT7000 zero turn, but returned it because of transmission problems which their technicians referred to as "normal operation." I easily installed fog lights and a switch on this machine, but this hustler is much tougher, and has thicker steel to drill through.
  2. nmurph

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  3. clif

    clif LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the help... I'll take another look at it now. Wish he had pictures of the switch, and close ups of the install of the lights, but I'll figure it out! :cool2:
  4. TLS

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    Unless your lights/wiring are creating sparks, you'll be just fine.
  5. Cohocarl

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    I just got done installing a pair of 35 watt PIAA 002-X lights I bought off of ebay for $50 on my Bad Boy. Most of the inexpensive driving/fog lights in the $20 price range do not include a relay in the wiring harness, and most are 55 watt. By using a relay, the high current contacts are inside the relay, not in the switch. The 35 watt PIAA's are plenty bright enough, and I didn't want to possibly over-tax the charging system on my mower by going with 55 watt'ers.
    I realize you are putting them on a Hustler, but below is a pic of them on my Bad Boy. It doesn't appear in the pics that the lights are far enough away from the front wheels for when they swing around, but I still have about an inch clearance away from the tire or fork.

  6. Grass Kickin

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    I would go with moutning auto fog lights rather than spending anything on a factory product. I have a Super Z 52 and a Mini Z 44. I recently went to my area mower outlet and a guy was selling a Super Z 52 with fog lights and what looked like a rollo bar. WhenI examined it up close, he had an over head fan made out of a toyota cooling fan. Looked wicked and was very powerful.
  7. Re-Ignition

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    I've got the light kit on my fastrak 18/44 Honda.... they look awesome and really light up the whole yard, not just in front.
  8. fishinpa

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    Clif, when you get a few more posts under your belt, and can get a PM, shoot me one and I'll give you a bit more detail on how I did mine. I only had to drill one hole in the mower and that was in the operators panel for mounting the switch.

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