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  1. BeachysLawn

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    Does anyone on here do any programmed light/music shows? Not like the crazy stuff you see on youtube running through 80 channels but just some simple animations.

    I've been taking a little bit of a look into it as a possibility and it seems a little complicated and time consuming but there might be a small market for it. Just curious if anyone had any good or bad experiences with this type of sale.
  2. turf hokie

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    They aren't really all that complicated if you are using a plug and play system. I do an animation at my house.
    I only ever had one request to do it at a house and it was very expensive to do with all the additional labor and materials to get everything run properly, they about fell out of their chairs....I run 30 zones at my house and it takes me the better part of a day to run the cords and get it set up, and that's if you know how you want it plugged in. The 1st year I did it, it took 2 days to run the cords and get it to do what I wanted.
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  3. BeachysLawn

    BeachysLawn LawnSite Senior Member
    from VA
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    Lol, I was thinking about that too. I've been slightly worried that LL would be an expensive sale but animations would blow them out of the water.

    I think maybe I'll try it out personally this year and get a little experience with it to get a feel for the time and trouble it would be before deciding whether to make it available to clients.
  4. hotrod1965

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    Even a basic 16 channel set up will run you $500-800 in just the stuff. Add on light cost, labor... you'll be charging $2-2500 for a basic show. So it's a hard sell.
    Most people that want that, will be most interested in doing it themselves vs hiring it out.

    So that means, you have to target commercial accounts for this type of thing.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    It is something that we have decided not to do as a company. while complexity and increased service calls are part of that decision, The real reason is two fold- traffic and flashes. while when we do a traditional install, we put a sign up, it looks good, it drives business. but the flashing of song driven rythym, and the traffic that comes with onlookers, drives the neighors nuts. I would not put a sign up. while many like the effect, and come to see it, the neighbors would not only not hire me, they would tell their friends not to.

    however, I love the youtube videos and seeing the lights in person myself.
  6. BeachysLawn

    BeachysLawn LawnSite Senior Member
    from VA
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    Thank you. I had thought about it possibly being annoying to neighbors and your reasoning here makes great sense. It sounds like it will be an ultimately more profitable decision to just stick with non flashing, non annoying decorating :)
  7. GreenI.A.

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    Light-o-Rama's website has everything from the hardware to the computer programs and interfaces.

    We priced out a design for a large commercial site a couple of years ago. In the end the city they are in requires a permit for flashing lights and wouldn't give it to them as they saw it a distraction to passing traffic.

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