Light placement on JD 737

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Canadian GreenScape, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Canadian GreenScape

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    I read the posts about lights on a Ztrak and have one question. Has anyone mounted lights higher on the machine (not right over the deck like the factory ones) I know from mowing at night with a compact tractor that its nice to see to the immediate sides of your deck as well as where your going. Love the night mowing by the way.. so much easier :)
  2. gl1200a

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    Or what about the same height, but much farther forward. On my 727A, just behind the front frame mount that end at the front wheel castors, there is a flat metal plate that is a stiffener and goes from one castor frame member to the other. It even has two holes on the far sides to mount a light to it. They would be in an ideal location to get kicked, but... . Just a thought.
  3. deereman

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    from USA
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    Just under the black plastic on both sides there are two spots with holes for head lights. I think that I am going to mount them there or maybe even the on the ROPS, but not sure yet. Really dont have to worry about that until fall when day light gets shorter.

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