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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by silvercvic, Nov 27, 2006.

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    I bought the Kichler 15396 lights, installed it over the holiday, everything looks great, only the bulbs are a 35w bi-pin flooded, only problem is I should have gone with a spot rather than a flood. My house is about (from ground level) 25'-30', so the light is very rich on the bottom, kind of makes my house look on fire. I am planning to go with some MR-16 bulbs, any suggestions on brands/models that looks similar to the what I currently have?
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    whats the surface of the house ? how wide of an area are you trying to light with each light? Whats the ambient light like in your area that you need to compete with?

    In a very dark ambient situation on a light colored home a 20w bulb would work. The spread of the beam would be determined by the area to be lit and the technique to be used.

    If there is a lot of ambient light in the area or your lighting a very dark surface then a 35w bulb would be in order pehaps with a lens to soften it some.

    Pictures pictures pictures. You cant expect us to see whats going on from your "on fire" description.
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    will post pics tonight

    As far as the surface of the house, its stone. I have built a retaining wall to place my landscaping & flowerbed, I have 2 japanese maples which are lit up by some 20w spots, very subtle. The front of the retaining wall has some small bollard lights, which provides a very subtle light and the walkway to the house has 7w wall mount deck downlight (7). Overall, the ambient lights are dim.

    Again I will post some pics tonight
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    Here are some of the pics I've taken tonight of my house, first one before construction (daytime), second one is last year (night time), the rest is of tonight. The shots taken are a bit dim, the lights are a bit brighter, but not a whole lot





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    In this situation, you should have used the 15384 fixture with an FMW(35w 36degree) lamp. I would also use a spread lens to soften and widen the beam. The 15396 works very well for shorter, lighter colored walls.
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    ditto what paul said. I would of also staggered the lights on the pathway as well instead of runway type lighting. Then I like to put something colorful around each area light like annual flowers.

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