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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by TurfPro, Feb 23, 2006.

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    I've just completed the 1st phase of this landscape(greenscape) project and need to light a bronze statue we installed. I've only done small/homeowner projects and this is a high visibility project..with these 2 factors to consider,I'd defer to the pro's opinions on how to light properly.
    The statue is a full size Bronze Buffalo surrounded by concrete patio/walk area and is sitting on a "prairie grass) mound. The electrical contractor for the project installed 120v power to the mound and installed (2) huge flood lights in the bed.... it looks horrible so they want me to fix it and give it the look it deserves at night.
    pic >

  2. TurfPro

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    one more picture

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    You really have a huge problem here. I don't think there is not enough space around that buffalo to light it properly. How big is it? Do you have measurements of the animal and the space. It would be good to have those so we could look at our photometric charts and figure the best fixture and lamps for this. another thing is that it is very dark, which will soak up a lot of light.
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    I would say 4 MR16 bullets would do the job.

    The wattages will depend on the ambient light – 20W will problaby do it unless you're competing with street lamps, in which case 35W should be sufficient.

    The beam spread will need to be wide (36 degrees) or extra wide (60 degrees).

    I'd think of a standard portrature lighting with two of the bullets as key lights on the side of the bull towards where his head is turned. The first key bullet should project towards the right side of the bulls face and his right shoulder. It should be positioned slightly to the bulls right from nose-center so the beam casts light mainly on the right side of the bulls face. I would position the second key light a few feet along the side of the bull (keeping bull to fixture distance the same for both keys) from the first key. It should project to light the bulls side starting from the right shoulder towards the rear. Both key lights are facing towards the rear of the bull. (In other words, not one behind the bull and one in front of it. You may want to use a crosshatched optical spread lens to soften the beam edges and diffuse the hot spot.

    On the other side of the bull, would be your fill lights. These could be positioned in exact correspondance to the key lights on the other side. The important thing here is that I would make sure that the fill light is less bright than the other side. This could be accomplished with diffusion filters or lower wattage lamps.

    To increase the dramatic effect, you might consider using a blue (full CTB) on the fill side.
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    Thats a nice looking building. That buffalo looks awesome looks just like the ones in my backyard! haha

    Would well lights underneath the buffalo look bad? They would be the least noticeable right? As you said it would soak up alot of light but maybe let just enuf by to go up around the body and head. Just a rookie response here.

    TurfPro - Can we see some pics when u get it done? Thanks for sharing!
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    I must be missing it in the picture. Where is the power source? Is there anything in the area that you could mount the light on and shine down on the statue, as paul would call a "moonlighting effect"?
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    Another thing to consider is where are you going to mount the transformer. Its not going to look pretty out there with the animal.
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    Hey thanks guys

    ICS: This is an older pic of when it was 1st installed, I'll post one of the "lighting" the electrician did.

    klkanders: Yea , the building is nice. The walls are angled "in" in both directions,,if that makes sense. Think pyramid,,kinda. The Buffalo is pure bronze,and was custom made for this you can bet it cost a pretty penny. You are right ,the customer want's lights that aren't as noticeable.

    Steveparrot: "dramatic effect" is what they want ,,no need to have a nice piece like this and then not draw attention to it.

    Paul: Thanks for your help!



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    Ok I'll try that again
  10. nlminc

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    I had the same thought. I bet lights under the bull would love nice. Don't forget to pull them damn weeds out of the bed! :)

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