light up a mooch- bigtime...


we've all had it happen from time to time...mooches wanting lawn doctor advice so when they go to home depot they know what to get and then can save money by not needing your services....if you are just starting out beware the talkers- if they're aksing tech questions you are not going to get the sale! anyway this one mooch who got me a few years back with a redo on a lawn feeding was on the prowl for some advice...i knew if i waited long enough the ambush would just unfurl, mooch was having some red thread problems and decided to try and waste some of my time and get some free advice...i had a few minutes and could feel him walking into my scope, so i looked at his grass that got mowed with a dull blade- then asked him when the last time he fertilized was and with what...scotts turfbuilder but it didn't seem to work all that great....i asked him about the ph,,,no- didn't check that (he's about to trip a hidden wire!) maybe i should apply limestone? 'i always check my ph before i do anything, for $100 i'll check your ph and adjust it along with a fert app'...'well i'll need to ask my wife...i gotta go!' (to home depot!) (click! -boom!) the ambush was set...this week i was in that suburban nightmare and saw his orange lawn...looking like the color of a pumpkin!!! he drove by and acted like i wasn't even there! i wonder why....better luck next year mooch!!!

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