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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southside, Feb 24, 2000.

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    My very 1st day working on a commercial crew:<p>My brother had a 13 employee 4 crew lawn business, he let me weed-wip on a crew. I was 9 years of age.<p>One of the regular employees put a Groundsmaster 72 in the pond at an office park we were doing. The castor wheels and the stering wheel were sticking out. <p>Not knowing any better I kept trimming along the pond. I thought perhaps we had to cut some cattails down there or something.<p>I should've known it was a prelude of things to come in the lawn care busniness.
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    I have one customer that whenever she comes out to pay me, she always has a gown on. Never regular clothes, just a gown. Even in the winter when I clear her driveway, she walks out with a gown and a jacket on. I think she must sleep to close to the power lines or something.<p>Bryan<p>----------<br>The Snowplow Homepage<br>
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    hey bryan-<br> Either that or she has the hots for you! :)<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p><br>
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    Reminds me of a mate of mine in the same<br>industry as me who decided to take his old<br>Ford 3000 tractor/slasher for a swim in this<br>guys dam.Took 2 hours with a drott(trackloader) to pull it out.Amazingly it<br>still ran ok,even though it was completely<br>submerged.I sent him a dive mask and snorkel<br>in the mail,just to piss him off.:)
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    One funny and wet, one wierd and one in a million story:<p>One time while working on a peninsula in a lake behind a customer's house I noticed that one of my brothers who was mowing in the back, while I was trimming out front had disappeared for too long. My other brother who was way out at the tip was still mowing, so I thought, he must of ran out of gas. 5 minutes later, intuition kicked in to both of us, who arrived to find Jeff knee deep in the lake with a 54&quot; bobcat slowly sinking into the mud. We jumped in an got the mower out as quickly as possible. Then figured that since it didn't lose any oil, we probably wouldn't kill any fish, but windows were starting to open around the lake, so we got it started and finished cutting with it, like nothing ever happened. Boy I wish I had a camera. This happened a long time ago.<p><br>Number 2:<br>Last November, while home recovering from knee surgery, I received a phone call from the shop that started with &quot;no one is dead or hurt, but you need to go to Bixon's immediately&quot;. Bixon's is a local scrap yard where one would trade scrap metal in. I arrive and see one of the vacuum trucks and trailer sitting in the yard with a cop, and a bunch of guys around. The truck had a tear in the hood from the nose to the center, the front of the leaf box had a 2'x2' hole in it, and the driver's door handle was smashed flush with the door. Turns out that the scrap yard was evidently shearing an oxygen tank in half when it exploded and launched into the street, and subsequently into the truck like a torpedo. My crew was so shaken, that they couldn't even speak, so the cop and the scrapyard wanted to make sure an owner of the company witnessed this firsthand. Obviously I asked if the valve was off of the supposedly empty tank, and they said yes. Fortunately no-one was hurt, but they could have been, and worse, what if it hadn't hit a truck, maybe some mom or kid would be on the receiving end. Could have been an insurance nightmare, or a nightmare period. :eek:<p><br>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -<br>
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    this story isn't so humorus but might be worth a shot....<p>when I was getting started about four years ago I got a call on the answering machine. &quot;hello...this is (her name) and need you to come to (her address) and cut my grass. I expect it to be done by thursday and I pay $35.00&quot;. she said she had the check made out and already waiting and said where I could find it. there was no discussion, she was very insistant and real demanding. she sounded terse, almost angry. <p>Well, I went to the house, the money was about right for the job, and I cut the grass, trimmed, and blew just like always. Picked up the check and I was outta there.<p>here's the kicker. got another call on the machine the next week. &quot;hello...this is ...again and I need you to be at my hotels in pigeon forge and gatlinburg tomorrow because I fired my grounds crew and I need you to take over my hotels. I pay....&quot; same tone of voice as before.<p>three lucerative commercials and a weekly residential in the bag just because of the everyday professional job I did at her residence. in this buisness you never know how a deal is going to work! I wish I coulda cut HOWARD HUGHES grass!<p>GEO
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    A friend of mine, Jackie, ask me to cut her lawn. She lives on #9 Bunker Hill Rd. She gave me directions. I found the street sign that said Valley Forge Rd and Bunker Hill Rd. I went down to #9 and cut it. When I was just getting ready to trim I looked at a neighbors mailbox that said Valley Forge Rd. I quickly blew off the sidewalk(didn't trim)and left. I had just given someone a free lawn cut. The street sign was turned the wrong way!
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    I did the same thing for a real estate company. Cut this big yard, took half the day. Got a call a few days later and was asked why i had'nt cut the yard. I said that I had cut it! Come to find out the yard I was supposed to cut was across the street, a little one. There was a real estate sign in both yards, but one said for sale, the other, for rent. I should have cut the for rent!<p>Homer
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    C'mon, Homer. That isn't funny, it's painful. :)<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
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    It was painful, but I had to laugh about it. The real estate lady I was dealing with was a b-----tc anyway! Every thing she wanted had to look like yard of the month when you got done and all she wanted to pay was scub do what you have to when you are starting out, and I was starting out!!!<p>Ouch, but no ouch, <p><br>

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