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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JC Lighting, Aug 26, 2009.

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    I need help finding a solution for this lighting problem.

    Client currently has a 47 foot long brick step (see photos) with a 120 volt rope light under brick over hang. She wants to light this step with "something more attractive". No tree or structure close enough to hold a fixture or two from above. Doesn't like seeing the light source under the brick so it would have to be shielded. Any suggestions?

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  2. JC Lighting

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    FYI: That Oak in the photo looks like it would work but it's a bit misleading. The photo is at an angle and the tree branch just isn't very helpful toward a solution.

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    I wish I could help...............I am stumped!
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    Is the brick step straight or curved? If it is straight, try using two bullet spotlights with narrow beam bulbs (one at each end of the step). Slide the bullet spotlight into one end of the tubes and aim the beams across the step at each other. I might experiment with PVC pipe to see the effect and make adjustments. If the idea flies, you can buy anodized aluminum or brass, or even create a light column using brick. Make it with easy maintenance in mind. Just an idea.
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    Tough one,

    I am trying to find an old link to a company here in Canada that made a product for rope lighting. Essentially it was din rail with a snap on mesh cover and they came in a lot of colours. On the din rail were little u-shape grooves to hold the rope lighting in place. I will try to find them if they are still in business. I know they tried selling this in the HD in Brantford but not sure if they still do.
    You could always just install a couple of bullet lights on each side and aim them towards each other. Then try to get some ambient light from the trees to wash them out a bit. Just an idea.

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    You can run your wire up the rain gutters and downlight from the corners . Use filters and a fixture with a long shield to help with glare. You may not be able to hit them spot on , but enough light to spillover to do the trick.
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    They have been staring at that molded rope light for years with the extension cord, why not show her a very nice fixture that will seem almost invisible as it will match the antiqued look of the gutters and no wires showing to boot. You will only need four core drilled. light

    Burt Wilson
    Accent Outdoor Lighting
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    Jim long time no hear from. Glad to see you have some projects going.

    Is there mortar under that lip you could use a 7 inch grinder with a wheel to groove out ? I thought of the company Tom Williams mentioned called Roberts step light but the one that looks like it would work is limited to 15 ft and draws 6w per ft

    This just might work for you if your brave

    Now if you could groove it out and hide a wire in there you could esentially run 3 sections 15 ft long. This would take 282 w total but is also dimmable and 12v. My guess is some marine epoxy and spring clamps overnight would make this thing stick like there is no tmrw.

    Downlight the walk from the tree to help soften it up and you would be good to go.

    If you dont want to get in to it get me a plane ticket... you buy lunch at the cliff house in san fran and we will tackle it together! Burts idea on the v3 wall light would work or you could do a simple CAST deck light on the brick walls too.

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