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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JC Lighting, Aug 26, 2009.

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    If you think you can hide wire under the lip get vista's rail light in your hands you might be able to modify it enough to work. I don't think it is a true 1inch wide. Also it has face plates front and back which one can be removed if needed.
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    I would give this a try in a demo. Use FRB MR16 lamps (narrow spot) inside a small discreet fully shrouded bullet (Lumiere 203) and graze the step from each side. It might just work out fine.

    I agree, this technique would deliver enough light to that step. Use bullets with LONG shrouds and pop a glare louver in too for good measure.

    Best of luck with it.
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    Better yet, get some Hunza tri-directional lights for in front of the step. I would estimate 4-5. Core your pavers in the desired locations for each light, pull up a row across the front, install the wiring, reinstall the pavers with the new lights and whamo! Ultra custom and low profile.
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    My 2 cents: I would do what billy said and I would groove at an angel with a 4 1/2" grinder and a diamond blade and recess LED rope light from AJ at AluminFX. It is 12 volts so you can hook it up to your lighting system. Also it is somewhat directional due to the LED configuration. You can check with AJ on the distance but I think it is 50' or more. The color rendition is great as well, nice warm temp. I have used them many times both on jobs and on Yard Crashers to gain the exact effect you want. It will give you a discrete glow and with out seeing the source. But I will warn you it is not a type of installation for the meek, you need to be fearless and careful. :)
    Right Billy?

    Geek out (that's Mr. Geek to you Billy) LOL
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    Just got home. Thanks for all the replies. I've got a lot of good ideas to look through here. I'll let you know what I go with and how it works out.

    Thanks Again!

    Jim C.
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    I disagree with it from the eaves for a couple of reasons. With the lenght of that step and the fact the eave is located on the "step up" side of the walkway it would create a shadow where the step is located. Also your at risk from glare. Without a profile shot and distance estimate its pretty hard to say.

    I would definatly use the downlighting to create some ambient light to make the whole project flow but if I wasnt brave and pretty handy I would probably go with the spot light from each side idea altho I would drive myself bonkers trying to get it to look real even and contain the spill light

    Jim before you decide what you would like to do on this its very important to take into consideration the clients budget. If the budget is real low your going to be using the spots. If they want something really dramatic its going to cost them. My guess is a couple of hours to grind that all out laying on your side with dust flying everywhere so bring your goggles and a resiprator.
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    we have played with those little LED strips. They are very small and are pretty neat. But I would not use them in that step application. I dont see them being durable enough over time in a high traffic area. They would be more suited for smaller applications that are out of the wy of foot or vehicle traffic. They are cool though.
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