Lighting customers nice car.

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Lite4, Aug 4, 2009.

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    They called them "Renta racers". My Dad's buddy has one that he serviced and bought from Hertz when it shot craps on the side of the Highway.

    The '67 above has the wrong wheels on it so that can hurt the value unless he has them stored for safe keeping. I was definately born in the wrong era.
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    very nice ride. I knew of a gt 500 that was sold by a classic car dealer to a friends dad then they found out the rear end had the wrong number about a year later. The value dropped alot because it was no longer a numbers matching car.

    On the rental cars I might know someone who rented a car to swap out his blown transmission that was 1000 miles out of warranty. Amazing what a few friends and some adult beverages can accomplish on a friday night.

    When I was in Vegas for lightfair 08 Hertz had shelbys and corvetts. We contimplated renting one for an overnight run to the grand canyon but they were all booked.There is also a company there who rents classic cars by the hour or day.
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    I almost rented a 59' Cadillac Coupe De Ville Convertible one night from Voyager after a lucky win at the roulette table. Unfortunatly they were not answering the phone at 3am and probably better they didnt........LOL
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    I had a 66 coupe. vintage burgundy with a black interior, straight 6 200 with a 4 speed. it was not a speed demon, but it had a soul...
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    Love me some old caddy's....Our training specialist has a 64 Coupe de ville hardtopcustom scallopped paint with all white interior, and big white walls....Love that style! Here is a 64 I really like....

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    Joey. You might want to take a look through this site. The Company is located right here in Port Sydney. They are renowned for their restoration work throughout N. America.
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